How many carbs in an ear of corn

How many carbs in an ear of corn, Corn is an efficient crop with low cost and more value. Corn is one of the most popularly consumed in many cuisines and is widely loved by people all around the world for its starchiness. Let us discuss the benefits of this nutritional crop, and you can find the answer for how many carbs in an ear of corn, in the following paragraphs.

Benefits of corn & How many carbs in an ear of corn?

The corn crop is rich in vitamin C, which can help wax the blood sugar and also prevents unwanted weight loss when consumed in excess. Also, the richness in the corn, as an antioxidant helps in protecting the human cells from getting damaged and also reduces the possibility of getting chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Corns also benefit in keeping the eyes healthy and eschew the probability of being affected by cataracts.

Corns are also rich in fiber content which makes them good food for livestock. The wide range of applications in necessary chemicals and biofuels is exemplary. But how nutritional corn is to people? How many carbs in an ear of corn? Before going there, let us discuss the features of corn further.

Corn ear vs. Corn kernels 

The corn ear consists of a central core of the plant component known as a corncob. The corn kernels are the yellow grains attached to that central pole, which is very often used for cooking foods. Generally, corn ears are measured between 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches in length with a rough estimation of about 800 kernels in 16 rows. That is a multitude of nutrients from a single crop. This again gets people to the question of how many carbs in an ear of corn?

How many carbs in an ear of corn?

Carbohydrate is a crucial form of energy for every human being. It makes the people strong and is vitalizing us in many aspects of daily activities. Being so, corns are considered to be one of the prominent carbs providing crops produced around the globe. As corn is a starchy vegetable, it contains about three times the amount of carbohydrates in non-starchy vegetables.

Approximately the human needs around 130 grams of carbs for doing an effective daily activity and the corn helps to provide 19 percent of it when consumed daily! This makes us a base estimation that one big ear of corn consists of 25 grams of total carbohydrates but on average the total amount of carbs is considered to be 19 grams. So here it is for all diet-conscious people, the answer to how many carbs in an ear of corn! It is on average 19 grams.

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