World of Warcraft is a pretty impressive multiplayer title that is unique, XP-oriented, and extremely eccentric in bringing new content to the players. It is a proper multiplayer venture that you can dissolve yourself into. Right from the beginning when you are simply a recruit or a rookie you will be tasked to complete multiple quests which would result in increasing your XP, building your character up from nothing as well as helping you unlock specific skills and weaponry throughout the game. But it is an extremely tedious and boring task that many gamers want to avoid at all costs. 

WoW boosting; what it is and what to expect?

This is where the idea of boosting comes into play. It is a process using which you can hire a professional World of Warcraft player and task them with certain objectives such as increasing your XP, helping you to form new gold, unlocking a new set of weaponry, and many other possible things. The player will continue to interact with your personal World of Warcraft gaming account to make the necessary changes and push your way through all the initial hurdles so that you can reach a stable space where you’re able to enjoy the game at the next possible level.

What WoW community thinks of WoW boosting?

As the overall World of Warcraft community is concerned each and every person out there is strictly against boosting. According to them, it is a completely illegitimate and deceitful way of playing the game and earning handsome rewards via paying your way through it. It harms the very principle on which the world of multiplayer gaming stands that is to present everyone who is partaking within the gameplay with the same set of opportunities and tools to shape their way through this multi-player adventure. Anyway following are some of the ways WoW boosting affect the WoW community;

Harm the image of the game

Boosting for World of Warcraft definitely harms the image of the game because it robs other people of the same opportunities or set of tools to go through the game and make something for themselves out of it. If you’re thinking that it is an activity that is chartered by the game itself or a feature that will be made available to players in the future via the game then you’re clearly wrong. Boosting is completely illegal and just a way for gamers out there to cheat their way through things.

Pay their way to win

The overall philosophy of World of Warcraft boosting is that if you have got money to spare then invest it into boosting and get yourself ahead of the others just like that. It is completely deceiving and wrong to the other hard-working players that you can just bump your XP or have better exposure to other elements and resources of the game because you can pay your way through it.

Crippling equal chances and opportunities for others

Boosting takes away the set of equal opportunities and tools that each and every gamer out there should be able to enjoy. Bringing some other high-end professional player to do the work for you is simply crippling other players from the chance and opportunities they should have been given the right to in the first place. WoW community strictly believes in giving all players the equal chance to battle, to farm, to rise and fall in between levels and quests to be able to truly enjoy the marvelousness of the game and the true essence in the spirit of which it was developed, not cheating their way through things.

Drive the price of the boost by monopolizing the market

These boosters out there run a pretty tight circus having centralized control over things and they charge absurd rates to the clients who want to try boosting out thus monopolizing the market in every given sense of the word. This is wrong on so many levels and mind you this is not like helping a friend in need or someone else that you want to do some good for, it is plainly charging them with the upfront fee for the sake of doing business, because it is what the whole thing is to them, a business and nothing more.

The use of bots is unfair

Some of the boosting services are honest out there which means that these will have you experience the services that they offer as described. They use VPN for the sake of boosting your WoW game which means that the anti-cheat engine of the game is shunned off and it thinks that it was you, the actual player that was playing the game all along. But some of these are in it solely for the profit and they don’t care about your security at all. 

They will be using bots and such algorithms for the sake of bringing the overall statistics of your gaming account to speed, often at times at the expense of your account getting banned from the game for foul play. That is why according to the WoW community out there it is not fair to engage with boosting services because at the end of the day you are harming the whole community in doing so not simply beefing up your stats.

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