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Do you wish to sell your home? You will join a list of many others looking for an appropriate buyer. With quick research, you will discover that there are two distinctive types of buyers: a mortgage buyer and a house cash buyer. 

The main difference is the source of funds to finance the house purchase. A mortgage house buyer relies on financing institutions to buy the home, while a house cash buyer can raise the money upfront in cash. The latter could be an individual looking for a home or a company that buys homes with cash and sells them. 

For now, let us focus on companies that will buy your house for cash quickly, how they buy, and the benefits to home sellers.

House Cash Buyer – The Company

If you aspire to sell your home without an agent, you may consider selling to a house cash buyer. This is a company that buys a home in as-is condition and pays upfront. Sometimes, these are real estate companies that have invested heavily in real estate and have enough money in the bank to buy as many homes as possible. 

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Luckily, there are many of them these days. So, if you want to sell your home very fast and in a convenient way, this is the option to go for. 

How to Sell a Home to a House Cash Buyer

These companies might have different approaches on how to sell your home to them. However, there is a general procedure that involves the following steps.

  •     Making a proposal to sell your home – When you want to sell your home to these companies, you need to write them an email or letter or contact them in an acceptable way. Home sellers should include clear details of the house, photos where possible, and any other informative details.
  •     Receiving an offer from the house cash buyer – After assessing your request, the investor will make an offer to you. This is an expression of the intention to buy your house under certain terms and agreements. Many home sellers who accept the offer close the deal within a few days. The main concern at this point is whether the price is fair. But according to Home Flippers, which is a house cash buyer, the price is carefully offered after the appraisal of your house. 
  •     Closing the deal – If you accept the offer, the rest of the process is easy and actually facilitated by the house cash buyer. This includes the transfer of ownership and finances and satisfying any other step that is needed. The good thing is that it is not necessary to home stage your property. Hence, no time is wasted. 

Pros of Using a House Cash Buyer

Selling your home to a house cash buyer has many benefits. This is why home sellers, especially those who are in a hurry to dispose of their property conveniently, seek their services. Here are the common benefits to enjoy.

Convenience – Every prospective home seller hopes to sell their home in a hassle-free way. House cash buyers are ready to buy any home without asking for repairs or upgrades. Most importantly, they take care of the transfer processes in a professional way, making the entire process very easy. If you have not experienced the as-is convenience, it is time to enjoy it.

Speed – Do you wish to close a home sale within a week and have your money in the bank? Unlike mortgages, which might take several weeks to be approved, cash buying is a speedy process. As seen, it only takes a short time once you have accepted the offer from the house cash buyer. 


As we conclude, it is worth mentioning that selling a property to a house cash buyer may have some drawbacks as well. The main concern as mentioned is selling a home at a slightly lower price. This is because these companies are in the business of buying and selling houses, and they need to make a profit. But if you look at it positively, this is a great opportunity to sell your house conveniently.

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