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You just removed your new Android gadget from the packaging box and are overjoyed. But what happens next? Here are a few things every Android user should do right away after getting their phone out of the box. You will immediately get the most use out of your gadget if you perform these quick tasks.

Inspect your device

You now possess a portable device that is so far-fetched that no science fiction authors imagined it. 

Be careful not to become enamored with your power. Keep your cool long enough to make sure your gadget arrives with all the necessary components.

Take inventory of everything by going through the package for your phone. Read over any warranty details and take note of any additional material. Don’t throw away the SIM tool that comes with most Android phones if you ever need to insert a new SIM card. You most likely received a charger and perhaps a cool pair of headphones.

Getting ready for data download

To charge the phone’s battery, plug it in. While many phones come with some charge, they usually aren’t fully charged. You don’t want your new gadget to break down in the middle of an important task as you’ll be playing with it for the next several hours.

Additionally, if there is a wireless network, you should connect. Since hardly everyone has unlimited data, you’ll almost surely download a lot of data on your phone’s first day of use. Starting to exceed your monthly limit right immediately might not be a wise choice.

Log into Google

A tutorial will direct you through the setup procedure the first time your device is turned on. Among the first things, you will be asked to log into your Google account, but this may differ slightly from phone to phone.

Although you are free to skip this step, we strongly advise against it. Your phone may connect to various services by logging into Google, which is also the first step toward customizing it. When you activate this account, your phone is ready to synchronize your identification across devices and will immediately set up your email, calendar, and contacts list. The Play store also requires it.

Eliminate bloatware

You probably didn’t request some of the pre-installed apps on your phone from the maker or carrier, and you can’t get rid of them (unless you decide to root). These programs eat up space and slow down your phone. You might wish to get rid of this stuff to make the most of your phone’s potential.

Once your phone is operational, identify any pre-installed apps by going to the Apps option in your Settings. Although you might not be able to remove them completely, you can disable them and remove any updates to minimize the amount of space they take up. You won’t see an app in the app drawer once you disable it.

Set up space and download some new apps

You don’t have to operate in the same manner just because your phone is installing all of your old apps. Getting a new smartphone is a great chance to break old habits and start choosing better apps or, at the very least, better life decisions.

Check out some of the apps you currently use alternatives on the Play Store. A new music player, a few new games, or a different launcher may all be chosen. Go for another keyboard if you don’t like the one that came with your smartphone. These make messaging simple and pay attention to your typing patterns.

Remember that you’ll still need to sign into your gaming and other accounts. If perhaps, the main purpose of purchasing the new phone was for mobile gambling, you will need to download the casino app (s) of your choice to log in. There are several online casinos in Canada to review before registering, but that can be done once the new gadget is all set.

After installing each app, you may begin personalizing the device to your preferences. The home screen may be personalized with widgets and new backgrounds and ringtones. Don’t forget to arrange the notification panel’s quick toggles, change the screen’s brightness, activate gestures, and utilize any other useful features your smartphone might have to offer.

Check for updates

There is a good chance that your smartphone has some updates ready for you. Sometimes they will be speed upgrades or small repairs. If your new phone has been on the market for a while, brand-new Android versions may occasionally be in the works. The most recent software updates may be checked for by navigating to Settings > System > System Updates, however, the exact location may vary slightly from device to device.

By going to the Play Store, choosing “My apps & games” from the menu, and clicking the “Update all” icon on top, if available, you can update the pre-installed programs in addition to the operating system.

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