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The brand image of your clinic necessarily involves your doctors, your care, your establishment, your decor, your facilities, and your medical equipment. Hundreds of patients visit you every day, so you will need to ensure that there is always a smiling person to welcome them and that the entire pick-up procedure is followed in order to guarantee a professional experience and earn the trust of your patients. 

But do you have the same requirements for your presence on the internet? Have you put in place an adequate communication strategy to convey a quality brand image?

Building your brand image:

Brand image is the positive or negative perception others have of you. To be able to give an opinion, you must first be perceived and visible. Being visible on the internet means that you have a website that presents your clinic to people connected. But in the world of web 2.0, the website alone is no longer enough, you have to draw on other resources such as social networks, blogging, or online advertising. The image includes many aspects, all of which make up the “face of your company” in the eyes of consumers. Neglecting any of these aspects can hurt your health company in the long run.

Depending on your objectives and your communication plan, the first step in building your brand image is to make the right choices:

    What is the message I want to convey?

    What are the arguments to put forward?

    How do I convey my message positively and objectively?

    Where is my target? How does it behave on the web?

By spreading these questions and choosing the right terms and visuals, you will succeed in building your brand image across the web and maintaining it. The more you discover these important questions, the closer you will be to an effective healthcare marketing strategy. Effective here means that the strategy can actually provide solutions that are tailored to the expectations and needs of your company.

Improve your brand image:

As a clinic, you are well aware that medical equipment is constantly evolving thanks to research, medical technological advances, and innovation. You also know that a patient-doctor relationship must be maintained, that it is necessary to ensure that patients receive the best treatments, that they are fulfilled even in the most difficult times, and above all that they are confident.

On the internet, you have to resonate in the same way and ask yourself the right questions so that visitors to your website or your Facebook page, for example, can tell themselves that you are trustworthy and that your professional experience makes you the referral clinic. If you have any doubts about any of these details, you can ask for help from professionals.

They should have enough experience to forge a pleasant relationship between you (your company) on the one hand and customers and prospects on the other. Today, a company’s presence on social media tends to be seen as more important than its official website. Social media is accessed by far more people and the average visitor to a company’s official website has heard about the company before on social media.

If we take your website, we will talk about user experience and corporate content marketing and if we take your social platforms, we will talk about community management and social media strategy.

You are a service provider, your duty is, therefore, to provide the necessary care to sick patients, to provide favorable conditions for the arrival of a newborn baby, or to reassure a patient that you are complying with your treatments and your equipment in case of emergency or in case of malignant diseases.

The objective of your website is therefore to be able to transmit this message and promote your brand image through the web. We are therefore talking about user experience, ergonomics, and satisfaction. Was this post helpful? We hope so!

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