GoGoPDF, When people had a task that required it to be encrypted, the first thing we did before converting it to PDF using software or application was that had to be purchased and downloaded individually. File conversion has been far more upgraded and accessible in recent years, and that’s because of technological advancement. 

A few other websites are available online that will allow you to convert a Word document to a PDF. When you’re intrigued about how it works and wondering how all the magic happens, and still have a few concerns about how a Word to PDF Editor Online conversion tool works. This article will give you some knowledge.

Is Converting A PDF File Important to GoGoPDF?

Yes, it’s as essential as the air we breathe. But, kidding aside, if you’re working on files with confidential information or files that you send through email and don’t want anyone to modify or copy them, then converting Word to PDF is very important. Unless that person is familiar with the use of conversion tools, that would be a problem.

But, in any instance, GoGoPDF has all the features you need, such as having files encrypted, and that’s the answer for those who have tech-savvy co-workers. Just explore the website, and you’ll get to know more about its functions and other conversion formats that it can do.

Is there Another Conversion Tool?

There are thousands of conversion tools available online, and choosing the right tool that perfectly works for you is a challenge. It would help if you dug down some research on which tool will meet your requirement. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, you have no plans on paying for a subscription to avail of the services.

If you’re concerned about the output quality, you need to do some trials with at least 3 to 5 conversion tools and see for yourself. But, GoGoPDF guarantees you that you don’t have to look for another one after you tried it. Aside from that, it has guaranteed quality output that will go beyond your expectation, and you can also use it for free.

How Does GoGoPDF Work?

GoGoPDF is an easy peasy tool that has uncomplicated procedures and ensures that everyone can utilize it. Whether you’re the techy type or beginner, you don’t have to worry about it. The instructions on their website, use simple and direct words.

In converting your word documents to PDF, you need to upload them on their website and select the option you require. When successfully uploaded, it will automatically process by GoGoPDF, and you have to wait for a minute. After that, you can now save the newly converted file and make use of it.

Are The Tools Accurate?

One of the common concerns among users is if they might alter some formats from the original file. Such as the font style, size, and other data. But, you don’t have to worry about this too. GoGoPDF will not corrupt your files and retain the original file’s quality and data.

Is it Safe To Use GoGoPDF?

Of course, when it’s online, there are potential risks to the information you upload. Even in our online accounts, you can never tell that you’re 100% safe from any fraud, copyright, and malware. But, GoGoPDF ensures that all data or information that every user uploads are secure.

It’s made possible by this website and they use a system that enables the detection of any malware or threats. Plus, one of the most outstanding features is it deletes the file you uploaded an hour after the successful conversion. So, make sure that you save it right away, or you’re going to waste your time repeating the process.

Is GoGoPDF Free?

Yes, as mentioned above, you can utilize this website for free. No registration is needed. Just go to their website and do your thing. Of course, GoGoPDF also has a pro subscription for those who want more advanced features, and obviously, that’s not available for free users. But, a pro subscription won’t matter if you’re using basic conversion for your files.


We all have our preferences and will choose what works for us well. GoGoPDF will not force you to use it as your converter. With its proven record, you won’t hesitate or think twice about using this tool. It is recommended by a lot of users and is currently being used by most of us nowadays. So, if you need a tool like no other, choose the tool that will bring you further!

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