Look engages Intuit charge specialists to convey in-application direction to TurboTax® clients. Any individual who has at any point documented an expense form can identify… but since this citizen was utilizing TurboTax® programming by, when he connected for help, he encountered a degree of a joint effort that amazed and enchanted him.

What is or

Intuit is putting the client originally Powered by Glance Networks (, SmartLook(TM) gives an extraordinarily improved encounter by putting charge specialists and clients on the equivalent (site page – right away. Presently Intuit’s assessment experts can feature online structures, essentially by clicking and delaying the page.

Also, does Quickbooks use look? Indeed, or Glance Panorama is a really far-off access application. Intuit has of late supplanted the logmein123 with or This is one approach to have our Customer Care Team improve their perspective on clients’ issues.

What is the program?

The look is a screen-sharing instrument that can be utilized to introduce the perspective on your work area or internet browser to your clients. When you arrange Glance, you will actually want to show your screen to your clients through the GlanceGuest program on, which can be downloaded and introduced on their PCs free of charge.

Related Questions to

  1. Question: What is the Glance Networks extension?
    Answer: The augmentation for Chrome empowers screen sharing for cooperation and critical thinking.
    All the more explicitly, the augmentation takes into consideration correspondence between the Chrome program and Glance screen-sharing programming, enabling clients to quickly and safely share visual data.
  2. Question: How much does Glance cost?
    answer: costs $299 a Year.
  3. Question: How do I delete
    Answer: The least demanding approach to uninstall is to explore the Windows Settings, by tapping on the Windows Icon and afterward tapping the stuff symbol. Once in the settings menu, select the “Applications” bunch. Quest the rundown for Glance, and select Uninstall. Follow the on-screen prompts, and ought to effectively be uninstalled.

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