Metaverse Gambling

VR tech is already a huge part of the online gaming world as well as a cornerstone of the Metaverse. So, it’s logical that these two are already a power couple. In fact, online gambling revenue forecasts place the global online gambling market value at $112.9 billion by 2025. This means, there’s a lot of earning potential there that Metaverse brands would want to tap into.

Live dealer games held the popularity record for a long time. Thanks to them, players could play poker or blackjack from their sofa at home and interact via chats. With the rise of VR and the launch of The Metaverse, immersive gambling has been taking over. Rather than chatting windows, Metaverse gambling offers a real-like casino atmosphere and actual interaction with players.

Care to learn more? Well, this article explores all about Metaverse iGaming, its advantages for online players, and other factors to consider!

What Is Metaverse Gambling?

Announced in late 2021, The Metaverse already has gambling projects to offer. The announcement of The Metaverse opened up a new realm for online gambling and providers are focused on making virtual casinos. Due to the pandemic and the pause in real-life gambling, the world of online gambling expanded. Well, The Metaverse helps make it even more memorable and captivating. Basically, Metaverse gambling refers to gambling in special Metaverse destinations where users enter virtual worlds and exist as if in a real casino.

More Real Than Ever

Thanks to the Metaverse, the allure of gambling will be available from anywhere where there’s an internet connection. And gambling in the Metaverse is the closest possible to an actual visit to a casino.

The Metaverse casino is like you’re really there, but you’re in front of a screen with your VR headset on. This enhances the experience because users can control their Metaverse characters with their movements.

Metaverse gambling enables placing bets right away and receiving prizes instantly, and it never ends. Plus, all of this happens in the comfort of one’s home. Gambling becomes more personalized thanks to The Metaverse where physical cues are included in every game, maintaining the authenticity of a real-life gambling situation.

Things to Consider

To immerse in The Metaverse, technologies like VR and AR headsets, smartphones, and laptops are needed. This expensive equipment may not be something everyone could afford.

Then, there’s the issue of poor posture which is caused by staying in one position for hours. This could have a negative effect on one’s health supposing there are no “working hours” in The Metaverse casinos.

And, for the time being, there are no specific laws about the regulation of The Metaverse or any other virtual world. But, there are general laws applicable that set at least some rules of play.

Lack of legislation may raise concerns about cases of bad behavior that aren’t excluded from The Metaverse. However, it’s all blurry because laws are still designed to keep people safe, not software and avatars.

Although the absence of time limits and rules in The Metaverse may seem like all fun and games, it could have a negative effect on real life. It’s still a puzzle how the time spent in virtual gambling will affect our personality, relationships, and jobs.

There Are Already Some Options on the Market

Bringing around trillion dollars in revenue yearly and providing endless possibilities, gambling is a favored activity in The Metaverse. Yet, knowing where to get started may be confusing. Well, here are some excellent Metaverse casinos to test your luck.

  • ICE Poker

This casino offers real-life gambling charm. New players have to buy at least one ICE Wearable before being accepted. This may not be an option for everyone as it’s quite pricey (almost $7,000) on Open Sea. The good news is that it can be rented from other players too. There are daily challenges to winning actual cash alongside poker tournaments where you can earn crypto.

  • Chateau Satoshi 

Made by Decentral Games and launched in 2019, this art deco casino boasts three floors. It includes a casino, but also a theater and a nightclub for ultimate enjoyment. You can find any real-life casino game and use ETH or MANA for payments.

  • Serenity Island

Inspired by Monte Carlo architecture, this casino boasts three floors and a nightclub. Part of the fun is climbing a big island to get to it. It’s ideal for laid-back players as it offers a beach house experience, not just a full-on casino floor.

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