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Flying spiders are real and whether they are coming to the US in June. Is there a new breed of flying spiders in the US?

After the threat of murder hornets in the US, social media is currently filled with the news of a new breed of flying spiders coming to the US in June 2020. See the social media messages where people spoke about the flying spider threat on Twitter and Facebook. Take a look at the findings and fact check about this flying spider news in the US.

Techicians did a fact check on flying Spider:

We did a fact check on the flying spider in US news and located the rumour to be a mix of true and false news. Flying spiders aren’t a replacement breed of spiders as they belong to the Larinioides Sclopetarius species. Flying spiders are literally common in Chicago high rise buildings within the month of May to August thanks to their annual migration season.

Flying spiders are literally nothing but mostly spiders from the Larinioides Sclopetarius species, and are commonly referred to as bridge spiders or grey cross spiders. These spiders actually don’t have any wings that might enable them to fly. they really spin balloon-like webs and are carried by the wind to an excellent distance.

These spiders are colloquially referred to as flying spiders as they move to at least one place to other by using wind and, consistent with some scientists, they use the atmosphere’s electricity to require flight. The spiders are a kind of orb weavers and typically survive rocks near water bodies. they’re spotted tons during the May-August season within the city of Chicago, US. it’s been observed that these flying spiders usually migrate during this season.

Since 2012, during the month of May-August, the residents of the many high-storeyed buildings like Willis Tower, Hancock Center, Hilton Hotels, and other high rise buildings spotted spiders at the highest of the buildings. This occurrence was credited to the flying phenomenon of spiders in Chicago. they’re found in such buildings as they get interested in light and feast on pests like flies, moths, insects on the high-rise buildings. These spiders needn’t be feared as they need not been reported to bite humans and are considered to be less venomous than a bee.

Back in 2015, the residents of the Hilton Hotel got a note from the management stating that the residents shouldn’t open the windows thanks to the annual migration of the spiders within the month of May. They also stated that it’s a Chicago phenomenon.

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