NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football is a global pastime that can be incredibly fun to play between friends, as well as wager on with a number of different sites providing options for punters.

The principles of the game have been developed since its initial creation in the 1960s when Wilfred Winkenbach and some colleagues created the game and initially set it out to be played amongst journalists, staff, and season ticket holders at Oakland Raiders. 

Winkenbach was a part owner of the Raiders and set the game up to help bring more attention and fans to the sport, especially in Oakland where people were regularly watching a losing team.

The game has been sophisticated throughout the years it has been running and is now a global sensation. People from all over the world play fantasy football every season and the sport has become immensely popular throughout the globe.

With the 2022 season starting on 8th September with the Los Angeles Rams taking on the Buffalo Bills, organizing your league and getting ready for the season is vital.

Know your league

There are a number of different formats when playing NFL fantasy; each one will vary to make it interesting and enjoyable. It is vital you understand the format you are using, for most, a standard 8-12 team league will be created and the standard rules for point scoring can be used or adjusted. 

Leagues with a full bench, no bench, two-quarterback leagues, and more are available, so make sure you are fully aware before you commence your draft. This can also vary with auction drafts, but a standard snaking draft is usually used.

Mock Draft

The NFL site as well as numerous others all over the internet offer you the chance to do as many mock drafts as you can to prepare your drafting strategy. Practice makes perfect, and doing this before you do it for real can help you identify your plans depending on where you pick in your draft. 

Don’t get overexcited for Quarterbacks

The quarterback gets all the headlines, they are the ones you hear about, and they get the big contracts, but they aren’t the highest priority in fantasy football.

Some are clearly elite, like Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, but the differences in other positions are more profound. Usually, there is not a huge amount of difference in points per game from the third or fourth-best quarterback down to the 10th or 11th.

Running backs are vital

To ensure you are competing well throughout the season, it is vital you find one of the top running backs in the league.

They are reliable and high scoring throughout the season. Quarterbacks will utilize their running backs so frequently in ways to protect the ball and work their way up the pitch or punch the ball over the line for a touchdown.

A good bet, especially if you draft high in the first round of your league, is to add an elite running back first. You need a minimum of two per game throughout the season, so getting them in the first four rounds is a good tactic.

If you are picking later you may want to add a star wide receiver like Cooper Kupp first, but still, ensure you get running backs in those first few rounds. 

Running backs will score points for yards, and can get a lot of points each week even with limited touchdowns. Finding someone who is used in the passing game as well can be a real bonus.

Use the waiver wire each week

It is vital not to get too attached to the players you draft. You can sit on some waiting for them to break out and lose your matchups in the early part of the season making a playoff run difficult.

Injuries will affect your side as well, so understanding who is still not on a roster in your fantasy league is vital. 

There are some players who are only going to get points against specific sides, and it can be worth rotating your roster between these types of players. Teams with a terrible run defense or pass defense will affect who you can bring into your roster and provide a greater opportunity for a weekly win in your league.

Apps or Desktop

The NFL app, sportsbooks, and other providers all have apps that are available on your mobile device or tablet which makes playing the game quick and easy. 

By having the app at your fingertips you can research and plan your roster throughout the week before the first game. 

The quality of the apps is so good that the information is clear and concise and easy for everyone to navigate while planning their draft and lineups.

Fantasy football continues to be one of the most popular pastimes for sports fans. Its enjoyment is there for individuals as well as groups of friends and that flexibility really stands out. 

Make sure you take advantage of all the information out there for you to prepare and plan for a fun and successful season.

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