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Fake GPS for Pokémon Go: Pokemon Go is everywhere. You are here to find about fake GPS to play this game without moving around.  But how are you going to fake locations on both Android and iOS?

It is a daunting task and risky too. You can be banned from this action as well. I’m going to tell you about the requirements to utilize fake GPS on rooted Android phones and jailbroken iPhones.

Pokemon Go runs on a GPS system to look for a nearby Pokemon. There are a few apps and VPN ( Virtual Private Network) like internetbeskyttelse that are going to help you fake your location via GPS correspondents.

IOS 13 supports the latest software for jailbreaking. Therefore, you can try numerous apps to fake your GPS for Pokemon GO.

Also, you can use these applications to pretend as you did no changes. Android users need to root their devices. Hide it by using APK apps, similarly.

Do you know the reason to hide your location and change it often?

According to Pokemon Go game rules, “you will receive a warning, suspension or permanent ban if you use cheats.

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Okay! That’s enough.  If you’re willing to take the risk then come along with me. Let’s see how to use fake GPS for Pokemon GO on Android and iPhone?

Jailbreak or Root Your Phone:

You have to root your Android and jailbreak your iOS device at first. It may take some time based on the model. I recommend you to use iOS 13 for jailbreaking. Rooting an Android device isn’t a big deal as there are many guides, tutorials, and videos on the web.  But it may take a while, depending on your specs.

Pokemon GO app will scan first to test your device from rooting (Android) and jailbreaking (iPhone) stuff. Game over if it detects or else you are fine. It’s a routine check to prevent users from using fake locations.

Install protector to avoid getting caught by the app on iOS. It is a paid app. But it’s worth hiding your device’s secret. It costs only 1.99$. I guess that it falls under the affordable range for everybody.

Hide My Root is excellent for Android users. Also, you can find many more applications and hacks on the popular forums as well (Ex: XDA developers).

Download A Fake Location App For Android And iPhone:

You require a fake location app to fool Pokemon’s GO GPS. LocationFaker is the most excellent app for iPhone users or you can use Virtual Private Network (VPN) like debestevpn. It will help you fake your location.
Find out how to use LocationFaker to fake any location on iPhone?

You can download one of the best Fake Location Apk from here. You can search for more location faker APKs on search engines and external websites.

Gotta Catch’Em All

App installed. What’s next? Start using the app to fake your whereabouts and catch Pokemon without drifting from one place to another.

Note: Your account can be banned for using cheats (for instance suspension or permanent ban). So, what are you going to do? Play legitimately or deploy cheats.

Fake GPS for Pokemon Go without Rooting Android and Jailbreaking iOS
Can I get Fake GPS for Pokemon Go without Jailbreaking or rooting? Yeah! But it may not be so effective. It can help to walk virtually even if you are not walking really. You can hatch eggs and get closer to Pokestops.

Toggle to the location on your Android device.  You will access GPS only by this way, and you may observe movements.

Navigate to settings >> Location >> Mode >> Device only

It will affect other location apps due to the above settings. You can make your character walk while sitting at home or somewhere else.   It depends on as long as possible based on your current location and GPS accuracy.

Unfortunately, iPhone users are missing this menu. But there is a way to attain this option.

Click the ‘home’ button and install another app for few moments and come back after that.

It will be helpful for hatching eggs. It isn’t as good as Android, though. But it will be useful in some situation for sure

It’s cheating, but it is not that risky, comparing to the first method. There’s no ban or suspension for using this method.

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