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2022 brought about some exciting new features in the world of phones and technology, with foldable phones making their way back into the mainstream and more affordable models becoming more popular.

2023 looks set to be another technologically exciting year, with Satellite integration from a T-Mobile and SpaceX collaboration on the horizon. Rumors of Android OS releases and updates to the Google Play store mean we could see some exciting new features in 2023’s phone designs. In collaboration with The App Labb, we’ve compiled a list of the upcoming releases that are making us excited.

Foldable Samsung Series

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 were, without a doubt, the best foldable phones of 2022 and the most widely available of the year, but they weren’t much of an improvement over the 2021 models, leaving those expecting drastic changes disappointed.

So all eyes are on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 to see whether they bring improvements over their 2022 predecessors. Rumors of the 2023 Flip phone having a larger cover screen and a reduced crease have been making the rounds, but nothing yet on user-desired improvements such as dust resistance, significantly upgraded cameras, and higher-quality foldable screens. Let’s hope they’re listening to feedback!

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Google Pixel 8 Series

The Google Pixel has been one of the best phones on the android market since the original Pixel was released in 2016. Each release seems to be improving user experience and phone quality, and with the latest Pixel 7 having just been released, it seems crazy to be thinking ahead to the next iteration, but we love new tech!

The usual upgrades like a Tensor G3 processor and improved camera quality are expected, but we’re hoping for new camera modes and exciting AI-powered features. Either way, let’s hope Google finally brings much faster charging times to the Pixel 8 suite, as this was the biggest issue with the Pixel 7 phones.

Google Pixel Foldable 

Rumors have been circulating about a foldable Google phone, fuelled by a leaked design render earlier in 2022, and 2023 may be the year.

The Pixel Fold is thought to be wider than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, while the height is rumored to sit somewhere between a Samsung device and an Oppo device. We can expect the great Google features we recognize with a Pixel, including AI-powered calling features, excellent picture quality, and intelligent camera capabilities.

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Samsung Galaxy S23

Geared to be the most accessible series for consumers worldwide, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is undoubtedly one to watch. With Samsung’s massive geographic reach and network presence, this will likely be one of the most purchased phones in 2023.

The S22 series, while improving on some features, made battery capacity cutbacks which overbore any good qualities it may have had. Any improvement to the battery will be welcomed by users, with a higher quality camera expected in the Ultra model.

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