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What Is Tron (TRX)? A Complete Guide

Modern cryptocurrencies include a lot of options, which may provide you with significant income in the near future. While many crypto investors opt for such popular digital coins as BTC, ETH, and LTC, others pay attention to such promising tokens as TRX.

This cryptocurrency is an integral part of the Tron network. This is a platform based on blockchain and P2P technologies. Its main task is to simplify the sharing of digital content. This short guide will help you to get acquainted with Tron and its TRX coin.

How TRON Works

The platform’s aim is to eliminate the third party between the users who create content and the ones who buy it. Such a model offers more cost-efficient digital content sharing. It will reduce the high fees taken by third parties. Due to it, content creators will be able to get direct payments while buyers won’t need to pay additional costs.

TRON is an ambitious and innovative project. Considering its milestones, it’s possible to predict that it may turn out to be a real success. By 2023, the TRON team plans to launch the Star Trek stage of their project. In 2025, they plan to come to the Eternity stage. Due to these innovations, the platform’s users will get the possibility to develop decentralized gaming and predictive markets platforms.

Tronix: Basic Info

The clients of the Tron network can use Tronix (TRX) to access the desired content. At the same time, the content makers can use TRX to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or pay for the provided blockchain services.

Take into account that you can’t purchase TRX tokens with fiat currencies. You have to exchange other cryptocurrencies to get these digital coins. Plus, you will be able to store your Tronix tokens only on crypto wallets that support ETC blockchain. A great example of such a service is MyEtherWallet.

You can get acquainted with the more detailed information related to this cryptocurrency in the tablet below. The data were taken from the reliable international crypto data authority CoinMarketCap.


TRX Basic Data



currency rank


Market capitalization $11,805,518,743
Current price $0.1176
Highest price $0.208
Circulating Supply 71.66B

Notice that TRX price has started growing since the beginning of 2021. Moreover, in case its team manages to implement its plans and ideas, this cryptocurrency will become more popular with crypto investors and Internet users. Such attractive opportunities make Tronix a great option for investment, which may provide you with significant profit in the near future.

How to Buy TRX Anonymously?

In case you want to buy TRX without revealing your private information, you will need to spend hours or even days looking for a reliable crypto exchanger unless you have a trusted source. Although there are such popular services as Binance and Bithumb, they don’t offer advanced privacy features. Moreover, in case you refuse to pass their KYC, your possibilities will be limited.

Luckily, any crypto enthusiast can convert TRX to BTC with (or vice versa). This is a popular anonymous exchanger, which has tons of positive reviews on well-known Trustpilot. The main advantages of this service include:

  • Total anonymity. You don’t need to register your account or pass the verification. Users can convert the desired cryptocurrencies as soon as they enter the website.
  • Clear and friendly UI. The service can boast an easy navigation system, a built-in crypto calculator, and other pleasant goodies. Even if you haven’t exchanged digital coins before, you won’t face any troubles while using
  • Possibility to exchange 201 digital coins. The crypto market is changing every day but, together with, you’ll be able to get the most promising cryptocurrencies at fixed rates.
  • Fast exchange process. Although exchange time depends on the number of digital coins you want to get, it’s up to 40 minutes on average.
  • Positive reputation and security. You can discover many positive reviews written by Godex’s clients. Moreover, the website uses reliable SSL encryption to make sure its customers won’t get scammed.
  • Rewarding affiliate program. Godex offers its users to join an amazing affiliate program. Spend some seconds to create an account and you will get 0.005 BTC as a welcome bonus. Plus, the service will provide you with a unique affiliate link. Share it with other crypto investors to get up to 0.6% of their transactions.


TRON is a promising project, which may change the entertainment industry and the process of online content sharing. Its team has ambitious plans and their implementation may lead to the impressive growth of TRX’s value.

In case you don’t want to miss your chance, it’ll be a good idea to get some Tronix tokens using now. Due to the anonymity of this crypto exchange, you will get access to other popular cryptocurrencies, as well as the possibility to join an amazing affiliate program.

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