ACC Certification

In order to bring in a change in any organization, a facilitator, as well as an enabler, is always needed. A certified agile coach is the best fit for this role, whose main focus is to improve all the different levels that an organization comprises of, while at the same time enabling the employees of the organization to solve their problems on their own.

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So gear yourself up, since, in this article, we will introduce to you the perfect course that you must take in order to become a precious member of the scrum team.

With the ICP-ACC certification, the candidate is introduced to the many different coaching skills that a foundational team must have, along with the other concepts that are needed for the development of a team who are about to start or grow their own agile team.

Being one of the two main certifications that one can get on the knowledge area of an agile track, this course plays an important part for the development as well as an understanding of the candidate when it comes to professional coaching skillsets.

It also introduces the candidate about how to become a great agile trainer, as well as constantly upscales them so that they can serve individuals efficiently.

  • How Can You Register For the Course –

In order to become an agile coach, you will need to register for the course. The fees that are required for registration usually vary from one institute to the other. The whole process of registration, as well as evaluation for the course, will be lead by a trainer since the candidates are supposed to be directly registered as well as evaluated by him. 

A unique aspect of the ICP – ACC certification course is that it has no final examination. Since you are going through the training course that has a span of 3 days under the guidance and surveillance of the authorized as well as certified agile trainers, following through the entirety of the license agreement is considered enough to get the certificate. Once you have completed your course of training, your training shall register your attendance under the portal of ICAgile, following which you shall be emailed your certificate.

  • What Are the Contents of the Course –

You shall learn about the following areas in the ICP – ACC certification course, including Coaching skillset, Coaching process, Fundamentals of coaching, how to coach the journey of an enterprise towards high performance, and how to mentor and coach all the roles in an agile environment. 

Since the course does not require any kind of assessments or exams to be taken after the course, through an interactive and interesting program, the course delivers all kinds of learning objectives that are required. This includes group discussions, classroom exercises, role plays, individual activities, and so on.

Final Word

It is true that the trend in the industry is rapidly evolving, which in turn has increased the need for certified and experienced Agile Coaches. So if you want to give a boost to your career, this course is the best suited for you!

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