Getting out onto the street and meeting people in real life is one of the most underutilized types of marketing campaigns. While digital and broadcast advertising reaches the broadest audience, it has always been a struggle to get noticed in the busy field of endless ads, especially online.

Where brand activations come in is making a bigger impact on a targeted audience. Leveraging the right technology, brands are expanding their capabilities in experiential marketing. Many new technologies can be used via portable digital billboards. Brands have access to advanced new technologies in digital signs for rent that can help them take their campaign to the next level.

#1 Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a fantastic way to do something visually unique that will stop audiences in their tracks. AR can often be implemented through mobile integration and bypasses the need for expensive headsets that only one person can use at a time required by Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality is where an electronic device superimposes a computer-generated image on the user’s view of the world. It’s a great way to create an interactive experience with people on their phones or out in the world.

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#2 Gesture Recognition and Control

Gamification experiences are huge in experiential marketing. They give audiences the motivation to stop, pay attention, and engage. Gamification can be combined with prize giveaways and contests or a fun diversion at a festival or big event.

One of the keys to creating a fun, successful gamification experience is gesture recognition and control. Using digital signage that recognizes gestures changes the game and allows you to incorporate a wide range of games and experiences in your activation.

#3 Mobile Integration

Mobile integration is another way to increase the interactivity of your experience and, crucially, keep the conversation going long after your activation is over.

Mobile integration can make it quick and easy for audiences to participate just by scanning a QR code. It also gives marketers a channel for keeping in touch with participants and continuing to deliver impressions.

It often takes multiple impressions before converting someone into a customer, making mobile integration one of the more powerful tools at your disposal for delivering value.

#4 Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a bold way to take over public space and make a huge impression. Projection mapping allows you to fit images on 3D surfaces such as buildings, allowing you to project huge marketing visions and make a major impression.

Projection mapping allows you to complement big events and activations in public spaces and make sure that you get your message out there.

#5 Sensors and Analytics

Last but not least, every brand activation needs a way to calculate the ROI. Portable digital billboards today now come with sensors that can provide key, anonymized analytics that allow you to see how many people your campaign reached, dwell times, and other important measurements you need to evaluate your activations and the locations or events where you choose to hold them.

Technology is changing the activation game. Leverage the right technology with your next activation for better results.

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