Many users do not even know that this option we are talking about exists on the social network Facebook, and they are also amazed when they see how much-recorded information about their activity through applications and other web pages there is.

Off-Facebook Activity Option

Last year, Facebook introduced the Off-Facebook Activity option, which allows you to see what data applications and websites share with this platform. With this tool, you can clear the history of applications and websites that have shared your information. You will notice, once you visit the same, that many websites share your data with Facebook, and completely unexpectedly we found there even Android applications, that is games, which we thought had absolutely nothing to do with this platform.

With Off-Facebook Activity, you can also turn off access, which will tell Facebook to opt-out of information that other companies share about your activity, or you can simply choose which companies you want to stop sharing your private information. These companies can include numerous applications, websites, portals, sites that ask for cookies (such as online casinos of various game providers – for instance, 1×2 Gaming casinos), etc… Here is how to take control of your Facebook account…

Use Facebook Business Tools

Using Facebook Business tools, you can see what information apps and pages are sending to Facebook. From there, you can delete this information from your account and exclude Off-Facebook Activity from your account. You will be able to control all applications and websites, so they can no longer share your activity with Facebook. 

Follow this path to get to the required options: Settings & Privacy > Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity. When you get to Off-Facebook Activity, you can manage that data there, delete your history, or simply turn off any future activity on your account. Once you delete all of your Facebook activity, this social network will delete your credentials that apps and websites have shared with it. This means that Facebook will not know which pages you visited and what you viewed, and you will not see targeted ads on those pages.

Note: If you have logged in to other applications and social networks via your Facebook account, there is a chance that your login information will be deleted, which means that you will have to log in to the service again in order to use it.

What if You Want to Control Which Ads You See?

If you want to control which ads you see (or don’t want to see) on Facebook, visit Settings on your phone or desktop version and select the Ad Preferences option. Below the Advertisers and Businesses category is a list of advertisers who have your information. By clicking on the company and then selecting Don’t Allow (Hide Ads on Android), you will no longer see their ads. You can also visit Ad Settings to exclude partner ads, i.e. ads that are based on your activity from Facebook services (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram). However, deleting this option will not delete any data as you will still see the same amount of data. Off-Facebook Activity is the best option to delete your data.

It is also desirable to disable Facebook access to your Android device. Visit your phone’s settings, then find the Applications or Apps category. There is a list of installed applications – you need to find Facebook (or any other application you want to disable access to your device), click on it, and the Permissions option will appear which will show you what Facebook uses on your phone (camera, calendar, contacts, microphone, location, internal memory

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