Cyril Hanouna Salary & Net Worth

Cyril Hanouna Salary ( Cyril Hanouna salaire in the French language): Cyril Hanouna is a Radio Host since 1999.

Cyril Hanouna Salary (Cyril Hanouna salaire) & Personal Details:

Name: Cyril Hanouna
Zodiac Sign Libra
Birth Date: Monday` September 23` 1974
Birthplace: Paris
Working As Radio Host
Current Age: 43 years old
Cyril Hanouna Salary (Cyril Hanouna salaire) 40 000,00 €


  • Television personality – France
  • Born: 1974, Paris, France
  • Annual: 480 000,00 €
  • Monthly: 40 000,00 €
  • Weekly: 9 230,77 €
  • Daily: 1 846,15 €

Hanouna made his TV debut in 1999 on the TV station Comédie+ where he composed the verses for the trailers. Cyril Hanouna Salary was very low at that time. Hanouna turned into a TV moderator in 2002 when he co-facilitated the third arrangement of La Grosse Émission close by entertainer couple Kad et Olivier.

In February 2002 he was drawn nearer by RTL Radio and he facilitated a public broadcast called Planet Arthur close by Emmanuel Levy and Valérie Bénaïm. In 2003 he facilitated the morning show Morning Live on M6.

Since 2008 Hanouna has been related to the Eurovision Song Contest. At the 2008 Contest, he introduced the French tele-votes, and afterward gave the French analysis to the 2009 and 2010 Contests close by Julien Courbet and Stéphane Bern.

Cyril Hanouna has frequently gotten humorous honors from Gérards de la Télévision: Industrial Mistake Award 2007, Worst Presenter 2013 and 2014, The moderator Who Doesn’t Need Drugs 2016. In February 2016, he was drawn by Charlie Hebdo as a mosquito sucking out kids’ cerebrums.

He is portrayed as an irritating jokester, changing from crazy laughs to obscenities, and is engaged with a few undertakings like contributing non-existent endowments, tearing a book during a transmission, embarrassing writers and teammates, and making misogynist and homophobic jokes.

In February 2016 two French columnists (Julien Cazarre and Arnaud Ramsay) revealed that they got dangers from Hanouna when they wouldn’t show up on his show. Society magazine assembled a long report about him, depicting him as “domineering, self-important, brimming with outrage,” dealing with his group with “scabrous practices”, in view of proof coming from his own teammates (who were namelessly cited). Stéphane Guillon, another Canal+ moderator, depicts Hanouna as the “Kim Jong-Il of C8”.

In December 2016, the French relationship of LGBT writers checked 42 misogynist and homophobic jokes and depicts him as an unashamed advertiser of homophobia.

Related Question to Cyril Hanouna Salary (Cyril Hanouna salaire) & Net worth

  1. Question: What is Cyril Hanouna Salary?
    Answer: Cyril Hanouna Salary is 40 000,00 € or Cyril Hanouna salaire is 40 000,00 €.
    According to internal documents, the production company would pay the host a salary of around 40,000 euros per month.
  2. Question: Cyril Hanouna Oirgin?
    Answer: He’s originally from Paris, France but also has Tunisian origins.
  3. Question: How to do a talk show with Cyril hanouna and Dorian Rossini?
    Answer: how to do a talk show with Cyril hanouna and Dorian Rossini you have to be super-rich.
  4. Question: Wife of Cyril Hanouna?
    Answer: Cyril Hanouna was married to Émilie Hanouna.
  5. Question: Cyril Hanouna twitter Account?
    Answer: The Original Twitter account of Cyril Hanouna is@Cyrilhanouna.
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