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It is estimated that over 1.7 billion websites exist, but this number fluctuates daily, as websites are launched or lost. Several factors contributed to the increase of web applications on the internet, such as growth in internet users’ website information and fluent working users tend to search your business online to find more information about the firm. 

If the users notice that your business does not hold a robust online market, that might leave a negative impact on your company. So how can you establish your online presence in such cut-throat competition?

One of the most significant factors that immediately influences the perceptions of your users regarding your websites is how user-friendly your website is, website outlook affects the judgment of your users regarding your business and how much time they are going to spend on it.

Meaning of Cross Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is testing a web application’s cross browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, and devices to find out if it meets your expectations and standards of performance.

For achieving our desired efficiency we need to test the application on hundreds of combinations of browsers, operating systems, networks, etc. we can use automation testing covering various combinations of devices, os, networks, and browsers, and also we require to run the same test cases repeatedly, automation testing is ideal for cross-browser testing. In manual testing, it is impossible to cover such a large number of test cases and devices for mobile application testing.

 Importance of Cross Browser Testing

If the company cares about quality to test, The more that you test, the more confidently you can release your application. You might think that cross-browser testing is just an extra step in QA, but that’s the kind of misconception that leads to buggy apps. Device issues are caused due to the incompatibility between the mobile application’s functionality, UI, browsers, and operating systems. The consequences of device fragmentation issues are non-responsive UI, incorrect functionality behavior, distorted UI. 

Important information to consider while performing Cross Browser Testing.

  1.  All Types of Operating Systems: Android, Windows, iOS, Samsung, etc.
  2.  Different Browsers types: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, UC, Samsung, etc.
  3. Various devices: smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.
  4. Check the compatibility with: Frameworks, Libraries, and Databases.
  5. Basic features such as dialogs boxes, menus, forms, Website cookies, touch input.       
  6. Check the application appearance such as fonts, images, and layout.
  7. Ensure the proper accessibility of users to access the web platforms of the application
  8. Check the response of the web pages on different screen sizes/orientations.


The best option for cross-browser testing that eliminates the complexity by Using cloud-based platforms like pCloudy. Traditional mobile testing needs huge space and cost whereas Cloud-based tools perfectly support parallel testing and also avoids all the complexities in testing. Cloud-based platforms are highly scalable hence we can add or remove the number of devices required for a specific platform as there are more than 5000 real-time apps and browsers. In pCloudy, cloud-based tools are highly accessible which can be used from anywhere and anytime. 

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