Cookie Clicker Easter

Cookie Clicker Easter is an occasional occasion in Cookie Clicker. It was added on May 18, 2014, with the 1.0464 updates. Since the 1.0466 updates, Cookie Clicker Easter beginnings consequently and endures from 7 days before Easter (Palm Sunday) to Cookie Clicker Easter itself (Resurrection Sunday).

Cookie Clicker Easter

After purchasing the heavenly upgrade Season Switcher, Easter can also be activated for 24 hours by purchasing a Bunny biscuit. The upgrade is repeatable, but it gets more expensive each time it is bought, similar to buildings.

Cookie Clicker Easter Upgrades

Here is a list of the 20 Upgrades that are from the Easter Season. All upgrades are egg/larvae based on the theme and can be unlocked randomly when clicking a Golden Cookie, Wrath Cookie, or popping a wrinkler. The price of purchasing each egg goes up based on the number of eggs purchased so far (E in the chart below).

  1.  Upgrades that lower the cost of upgrades stacks multiplicatively, not additively. That is if you have 3 of them which reduce the cost of upgrades by 5%, 2%, and 1% then the final cost of an upgrade is (original cost) * 0.95 * 0.98 * 0.99.
  2.  “egg” is the only upgrade in the game that gives a flat CpS increase (the only upgrade that doesn’t increase CpS by a percentage.)

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