Cracked Screen

One in three Americans currently has a crack on their smartphone screen, which shows how often we drop our phones.

Not fixing our broken screens is dangerous as you could injure your fingers or let dust buildup in your phone. Perhaps you’ve recently suffered the gut-wrenching moment of dropping your smartphone, but you’re not sure how to fix it.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight tips on how to fix a cracked screen.

1. Assess the Damage

Before you learn how to fix a phone screen, it’s important to assess the damage.

Bring your phone into good lighting and carefully press down each area to determine how bad it is. You may have a light scratch, but if your phone fell from a reasonable height, then the screen may be covered in spider web-style cracks and even missing chunks.

You could ignore superficial damage, but you should fix it immediately if the screen is completely scratched. It’s also a good idea to back up your data because the phone may crash, and you don’t want to risk losing your photos or other important files. 

2. Use Packing Tape For Fixing Cracked Screen

The second step on how to fix a cracked phone screen is with packing tape. This is the go-to solution if you can’t afford a screen replacement or you’re due for a phone upgrade. 

To prevent any injury, cover the screen with a thin layer of packing tape. Make sure the material is lined up and trim to size. Pro tip: use an X-Acto knife for the best results. 

3. Claim On Insurance or Warranties

Not sure how to fix a cracked iPhone screen? Then, check whether you can claim the cracked screen on insurance. This will depend on the provider and how you cracked it.

If your insurance covers it, then figure out when the best time is, as you won’t have access to a phone for around a week. Further, if you’ve recently bought your phone, then it may be covered under warranty.   

4. Put a Screen Protector Over the Damage 

Although it’s a temporary fix, put a screen protector over your cracked screen. This is a life-saver if there are loose chips or part of the glass is missing. Plus, a screen protector will prevent the glass from cracking further, as it’s a great short-term solution. 

5. DIY It 

If you’re worried about fixing a broken phone screen, know there are many DIY solutions. 

For instance, phone screens with a small scratch can be fixed with toothpaste. Simply apply a dab onto the cotton ball and rub it over the mark. This will temporarily smooth out your screen, but make sure it’s away from the headphone or charger jack.

You can also fix screens with baking soda. To do this, blend two parts of baking soda with several droplets of water. Then, cover the cloth in the concoction and rub it into the cracks until it’s smooth. 

Another nifty trick is fixing cracks with vegetable oil, a great solution for smaller scratches. Start by dabbing a cotton ball in the oil and gently rub this into the marks. It’s an effective way to cover cracks, but it is a temporary cosmetic fix before visiting the phone repair shop. 

And, if you own nail polish, use that to seal cracks. This is handy because each solution contains cyanoacrylate, the same property found in superglue. But make sure you choose a clear color; otherwise, it will affect your visibility.

To do this, dust off your screen and use a toothpick to apply a tiny amount of nail polish. Tilt your smartphone back and forth until it penetrates the crack. Then, leave to dry for 20 minutes. Again, this is handy for small cracks, but it won’t be useful for a completely shattered screen. 

6. Get Your Screen Professionally Fixed 

The best way to fix a cracked screen is to hire a professional. Check out a local phone repair shop where experienced technicians will replace your screen quickly, often without several hours. 

But before you go, note which screen you need and check whether the repair shop can handle your smartphone, especially if it’s an older model. Look online and find a reputable repair shop like Bulldogmobilerepair. com for an affordable solution. 

7. Use a Moveable Glue Kit

Another useful DIY tip is fixing your cracked screen with a mouldable glue kit. Start by wiping down the screen with a microfiber cloth, making sure you don’t pick up any shards of glass. Then, mark the affected area with adhesive tape. This will show you where to apply the glue. 

Next, drip small droplets of the glue onto the cracked area of the screen. Then, apply the patch, and you’re sorted.   

8. Trade Your Phone in to Replace the Screen

A simple way to cover your repair costs is by trading in your phone. Although you won’t get a fortune, you can use that money towards buying a new smartphone. You can also use sites that give you credit towards a used phone, great if you’re on a budget.  

If you are buying a refurbished phone, then make sure a technician has approved its functionality.   

How to Fix a Cracked Screen

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to fix a cracked screen. 

Start by assessing the damage, use a protector to cover your phone, and try our DIY tricks for a temporary fix. But make sure you eventually get your device repaired, so it still functions well. Good luck! 

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