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Online games, whether on mobile phones or computers, are an increasingly popular form of entertainment. Some are even designed to learn different things with them, such as languages.

Games are something that is available to everyone, from the youngest members of a family to the oldest. But as it usually happens with almost everything, there is also another side of that entertainment that we have to be aware of.

Scams in online games:

Every device that is connected to wireless or wired networks is in some percentage of danger. We must not be scared and live in fear, but we must take precautions. Therefore, we want to teach you how to avoid being scammed by online games.

The internet age has its pros and cons. We can browse any page on any topic or play different games. Some of the video games have such high quality that they seem to be taken from the real world, something that takes us into history.

Entertaining us, teaching us, and having fun are several of their main options, but can they scam us? Of course. Its darkest side and the one we like the least is online fraud. But this can be avoided, and here we show you how.

How to avoid scams in online games?

1. The most important thing is caution when downloading or installing a game. In this case, we recommend that you always download it from one of its official sites and do not do it through advertisements or third-party pages. Although it may be free, unofficial websites may contain malicious files. You can check and take a look at all the contact points of the company; official websites will have all the necessary information that will match contacts on their other platforms.

3. If the game is paid, you must make sure the transactions are safe and the website is official before giving your bank details. Because if it is not a secure page you can be scammed with the purchase of the game. Your credit card details may end up in the hands of criminals.

4. A good deal on a game at a low price always raises suspicions, is it really a real deal? Analyze the conditions of this discount. Always use secure payment methods. PayPal is one of the safest methods, in fact, as you do not need to provide bank information.

5. Check the security certificates. If the page does not have SSL security certificates, we are sorry to tell you that it is not a secure page where you can enter any personal details. The browser itself will warn you if it is a secure page or not.

6. Record and verify all company contact points. All pages must have an area in which they expose the data of the company in charge of it and the ways to contact it. If you do not find this information, stay away from this site.

7. Be wary of those very interesting promotions and very low prices. It is always important to discard any extremely tempting offer because, in reality, everything that is offered at very low prices has the potential to be a scam. Analyze the offer and its conditions thoroughly.

8. Check negative comments on user forums. It is very easy to get unbiased information by going to user forums of every major website. There we can contrast opinions in reference to the operation of the game.

9. Know the rules of the game. There are games known to all as live roulette, but they may have special conditions within the website and it is advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with the game to avoid scams and misunderstandings.

10. In case of having been scammed in a video game, game chat, or any website, the first step will be to collect all the evidence that certifies the event and file the corresponding complaint using a legal service experienced in these matters.

11. Don’t trust every person on a gaming platform blindly. If someone sends you to cheat codes or other tricks, you better make sure they are being authentic about their identity. They may pretend to help you but actually send malicious links. Try Nuwber for identity checking.

12. If you are not a computer expert, don’t even think about letting yourself fall into forums where complex steps are followed to get gaming tricks. Some users force you to change the operating system and bypass the manufacturer’s restrictions.

The explanations can be malicious and have another purpose, being of course a scam. For this reason, it is safest to have the game up to date with the latest update.

What to do if you have already been scammed?

Many people are embarrassed to tell about their bad experiences on the internet, but that is something that happens to everyone and no one can avoid it.

People with the intention of scamming us in games exist in all countries, so it is not difficult to run into one. That is why the first thing we must always do is admit it and denounce it. You will not always be able to recover everything that was lost, but you will help prevent it from happening to other people and help someone identify this type of fraudulent person.

In the case of having given your bank details such as cards or other methods where they can easily access your money, you must unsubscribe and notify your bank as soon as possible so that they are alert to any strange activities.

If, on the other hand, it was at the time of downloading the video game and you saw that it had malicious files, you only have to delete them. It is also recommended to do a deep cleaning so that there are no remains.

The internet is an extremely valuable source of information and will continue to be so in the future. But not only is it a wonderful resource, but it also has the potential to be dangerous to people’s safety, especially with regard to phishing and misuse of user data.

You need to do your research before selecting the platforms that you feel are most credible. If you have been burnt once, you will be skeptical of doing the same thing over again. That is understandable. If you have been conned and do not want to experience it again, a better idea would be to download games on your PC and play them in an offline setting. Platforms like RarBG can help you download the latest and best games.

Without wanting to alarm you unnecessarily, we need to understand the risks to which we are exposed when we enter personal data on sites with unknown reputations and poor security protocols. We always risk our safety by not knowing the basic security measures that we can apply during navigation.

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