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Many successful businesses began as student startups run by individuals with a vision to turn their lives around. This shows that anyone with a viable business idea has the potential to build an empire. 

College students have all the resources they need to start a business even before they graduate. Aside from using the internet to find English essay writing help, you can also use the online resources available to create a full-proof business plan. 

Many assume that to start a business; you need to have experience and the knowledge to pull it off. In reality, you can learn on the job and still make something of your startup. You don’t have to read all the books about business to be ready for a startup.

Some of the most successful businesses today are proof that all it takes is believing you’ve got it in you. Starting a business in college is an excellent way of ensuring that you have an income stream once you graduate. If you’re lucky, you may not require formal employment to afford a comfortable lifestyle.

If you realize that you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, find a viable business plan and execute it. Even if you fail, the business will allow you to learn viable life lessons. Besides, you can always try again and again until you finally succeed.

Here are the top five startups by students to motivate you as you consider starting a business in college.

Top 5 Startups By Students

  • Microsoft

Many people do not know that Bill Gates started Microsoft as a student. His extremely successful company is proof that you can start from the ground up and take the world by storm. 

Bill Gates has become such a big name that even people outside the tech industry recognize him. He founded a product that almost everyone in the world uses. 

He is proof that a college education is quite useful and should not be taken for granted. As you plan you start your business, make sure you study hard and get good grades. The knowledge you gain in college might be what puts your business on the map.

As a Harvard University student, Bill Gates used the resources at the institution to brainstorm a suitable business idea. The beginning was pretty rough because the challenges were preparing him to run a globally recognized company. 

  • Google 

Thanks to Sergey Brin and Larry Page, we now have a resource that gives us instant access to the information we need. The duo launched Google as a student at Stanford University. 

Brin and Page should encourage you to partner with a like-minded student as you work on your business idea. Sometimes, what you need is a different perspective to realize that your idea is amazing.

Think about a business idea that can earn you money even while you sleep. You should not be afraid to dream big because if your idea is conceivable, it is achievable. 

  • Dell 

Dell might be an American corporation, but it has global recognition. It is one of the most reliable computer manufacturing companies in the world. Michael Dell founded his first company while studying at Texas University. Years later, billions of people around the world use his products.

You, too, can one day be the CEO of a unique company if you believe in yourself. Michael Dell’s first company did so well that he had to drop out of college to keep it afloat. He’s now a renowned entrepreneur with thousands of employees who run the company for him. 

Remember that you don’t have to drop out of college to make your business a success. Even as you use Michael Dell as your motivation, you can chart your own path and make it to the top. 

  • Facebook 

Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his dorm room. He began with a prototype which he later converted into the app that we use today. If you’re fascinated by app development, invest time to find a unique idea that you can turn into a business. You might just be the next student who develops a futuristic app in your dorm room.

  • Napster 

Shawn Fanning founded Napster as a student at Northeastern University. This peer-to-peer application allowed users to share digital audio files. Even though the application was later blocked, it ran long enough to prove that college students have what it takes to run a successful business.

Wrapping Up of Top 5

Even though you’re still in college, you have what it takes to run a successful business. Use the resources available to you to develop a full-proof business plan and be inspired by the many successful entrepreneurs who started their companies while in college.

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