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You do not need to have a grand occasion to make your partner feel special. Everyone has different ways to show their love or affection—it is called a love language. If you are one of those who love to give gifts as a way to show your appreciation, then we might come to an understanding. You might run out of choices as to what gift to give your significant other. We might help you with that. Your partner deserves nothing but the best. Today, we will give you trendy gift ideas to give your partner. 

1. Oris Cotton Candy Watch

Yes, we decided to immediately bring in the big guns! You can never go wrong with giving a luxury watch as a gift if you are looking for a special gift for a special occasion. Unlike other gifts, luxury watches are also an investment. People will see anyone wearing a luxury watch as a successful professional. To help you with a trendy luxury watch, you can check out Oris new luxury timepiece release, the Oris Watch Divers Sixty-Five Cotton Candy in sky blue.

Different fashion magazines say that pastel colors are in luxury watch designs this 2021. For a trendy gift, this Oris watch has a beautiful bronze watch that beautifully complements its pastel dial. You can choose between Lipstick Pink and Wild Green color if you think Sky Blue is not your partner’s thing. The 38mm watch boasts a movement, Sellita SW200-1, and a power reserve that reaches up to 38 hours. You can also choose a leather strap, instead of a bronze bracelet.

2. SESNESLABS’s Rouge Diffuser Oil

According to Cosmopolitan, diffuser oils are becoming quite a trend. This trend no longer comes as a surprise given the stress that everyone must be in because of the pandemic. A good way to feel relaxed and relieve yourself from tiredness is to have a pleasant-smelling room.

You should find out if your partner already has a diffuser for their essential oils. If they already have one, send your love by giving them a bottle of unique scented oil, so they can remember you and feel relaxed once they put it on their diffuser. This essential oil got its inspiration from the Baccarat Rouge 540 scent from the brand, Maison Francis Kurkdjian in Paris.

3. Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Instant Camera

If your partner loves cute and small things, they will immediately fall in love with this camera. 2020 made us realize how life and cherishing our loved ones are important. Let your partner capture memories with style and drama using Fujifilm’s Instax camera. Unlike taking pictures with your phone (there is nothing wrong about this, though!), taking pictures with your Instax becomes more memorable because it will immediately develop your shots. Meaning, you need to be smart about spending your films.

4. Nordstrom’s Comfy Pajamas

Your gift does not have to be fancy. The most important thing is that it is well-thought-of, like good, comfortable pajamas. Now that the world is exploring doing activities remotely, we might find ourselves in our pajamas more often. Send warmth and comfort to your loved ones by giving them adult pajamas that will make them feel secure. USA Today recommends the Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas from Nordstrom. Well, USA Today is not the only one who recommends it—but also the 1600 reviews it got that gave it a rating of 4.5.

5. LoveShackFancy’s Scrunchies

Blair Waldorf and Carrie Bradshaw might protest against this point, but maybe the times are changing. Scrunchies are back from the 1980s and 90s, and Cosmopolitan welcomed it with open arms. Of course, these adorable and practical hair accessories have evolved from their louder forms in the 80s and 90s. They now look more adorable with cute designs and pastel colors, like the ones in LoveShackFancy.

If you think your partner will still not allow themselves to be caught dead wearing a scrunchie, they still could not deny how practical it is. Scrunchies are perfect for sluggish mornings when they need to rinse or for off-cam remote work when they need to keep all hair from their faces.

6. Slip’s Queen Pillowcase

Does your partner always complain about bad hair days when they wake up? Maybe you can offer a solution by giving them Slip’s Queen Pillowcase! This pillowcase may not be like other pillowcases. This one is made of long-fiber mulberry silk. Therefore, it provides a comfortable sleep that is gentle on their skin and hair. Using Slip’s Pillowcase promises no bed head for you and is also anti-crease. Slip’s Queen Pillowcase is also the secret of dermatologists, celebrity hairstylists, and experts when it comes to beauty. This pillowcase comes in different colors and collections.

7. Rebecca Minkoff’s Printed Masks

Even if we are now on the brink of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic because of the vaccination rollouts, we can never be safe from the virus. Even if you already had the vaccine, you can still catch the virus! Because of this situation, it is also important to wear face masks. It might just be a small thing to some, but wearing boring facemasks can ruin your style. If your partner has been worrying about this, give them printed masks as gifts, so their facemasks are not style-wreckers anymore, but important pieces for your style!

8. Bloomscapes Savory Herbs Collection

Taking care of plants is one thing, but taking care of plants that you can use as herbs is another. Gift your partner some plants, so they can develop a new hobby or have something to take care of as well. These herbs will sound great on a juicy and buttery steak, too!

It’s the thought that counts

Here are just some of the gift ideas popular today, so you will have failsafe options for your loved ones. There might be many other trendy gift ideas that you can choose from. The most important thing is that it is a gesture that shows how much you care about your partner. Your gift can be anything!

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