Call Center Software

What is Call Center Software?

An application called call center software has the ability to handle customer conversations originating from many sources and channels. It assists agents in managing their workforce, managing incoming and outgoing calls, and tracking call analytics.

A group of staff manages every telephone conversation in a call center.

Call Center Software for Small & Medium size Businesses:

For small and medium-sized businesses, call center software is a cloud-based platform used to provide customer service over the phone.

The productivity of your agents can be greatly increased, and your costs can be decreased because it essentially leverages the internet for phone connections rather than the telephone exchange.

The majority of these technologies automate repetitive operations and provide self-service options for your clients using artificial intelligence (AI). This helps free up your agent’s time and enables customers to handle simple queries independently.

There are numerous call center software options available on the market. There is a call center software solution available for everyone, regardless of the size of your company (small, medium, or large) or the industry you work in (healthcare, banking, education, retail, or e-commerce). However, it is essential to search for a flexible solution that helps you to optimize your processes in the best way possible as a small and medium business with constrained resources and specific business objectives.

Selection of best call center software for small and medium businesses:

Providing customer service over the phone is a wonderful option to assist your users. However, handling a high frequency of phone calls might be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses that are expanding quickly.

You can respond to several phone calls at once, respond to consumer inquiries more rapidly, assist your sales staff in reaching more people, enhance the general support procedure, and boost client satisfaction made possible via call center software.

For small to medium-sized businesses, the best call center software offers a straightforward approach to an enterprise-grade telephony experience.

Cloud phone systems may now provide an accessible and affordable call center solution, making it easier to manage all customer and employee communications. Call centers used to be something only enterprise companies could afford.

Since everything is controlled by software, there is no need to invest heavily in hardware, let alone build your own call center. Additionally, as it is connected to your current company phone system, your current software and phones can manage all of your communications.

In addition to all of this, the best call center solutions may be made available to both office and remote personnel.

All call routing options, including interactive voice response (IVR) and on-hold messages, will be included in the list of standard features. Additionally, keep in mind that some call center service providers provide whole SaaS platforms, such as Contact Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) (CPaaS).

The ability to gather and analyze data about all aspects of your business communications, from key performance indicators (KPIs) for phone agents to workflows that produce the best customer response, is another benefit of using the same software platform. As a result, it is possible to produce reports on productivity and efficiency and have a clear understanding of how to increase both.

The market is becoming more and more competitive now that call centers can be managed by software, with established VoIP providers competing with legacy phone carriers to give you a plan.

When choosing call center software for your company, there are a few characteristics you should consider such as:

i)Omnichannel Routing:

Omnichannel Routing is also known as Multichannel Routing, this lets your support staff respond to customers from social, live chat, email, phone calls, and other channels, all using the same software.

ii)Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

You should pick a software program that provides automated responses via IVRs welcomes callers and assists in directing them to the appropriate department.

iii)CRM Integration:

By integrating customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can make the best use of your customer information and get a complete picture of how often they call, their support ticket, and more. Some tools also include computer telephony integration, or CTI, which allows users to locate consumers by their phone numbers.


It enhances accountability for activities completed and provides a better knowledge of the agent’s performance. Also provides insights into any common problems that customers report and aid in improving the training of employees.

v)Call Recording:

By listening to recent call recordings, quality management audits and training can be performed.

vi)Call Queue:

A call queue is straightforward. It places incoming calls into a queue instead of sending them straight to voicemail.

vii)Voice Mail Option & Call Routing:

To allow customers to share their questions even when the call center workers aren’t present, you should seek software that allows voicemail and call routing functions.

viii)Reporting and Analytical Tools:

In order to monitor how well your customer assistance is functioning, your call center software should include extra reporting and analytics options.

ix)Inbound and Outbound Calls:

Inbound and outbound calls are handled by agents. Inbound calls are typically complaints or inquiries about a product or service (cold calls used to promote a new product to a customer in hopes of making a sale).

x)Cloud Based:

A cloud-based call center allows your remote team to attend to customers.

xi)Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

Each time a customer assistance call is made, an automatic message is sent in response. Callers will be asked to score the agent on important factors like communication, friendliness, and product knowledge.

Best Call Center Software for Small and Medium Businesses in the year 2022 is as follows:


ictdialer is a cloud-based contact center software platform that supports Voice and Fax communications technologies. You need an internet and web browser to access the ICTDialer Cloud platform. It will empower you to market and interact with your customers using multiple communication technologies.

The ICTDialer is a cloud-based call center platform that serves customers worldwide. ICTDialer is a revolutionary step towards modern communications as the ICTDialer platform allows laymen to design and implement advanced communications business scenarios with ease using drag and drop IVR Studio tools, you can make and receive phone calls, design custom IVRs and custom outbound call scenarios using its web-based IVR Designer drag and drop tools.

ICTDialer provides a cloud-based call center platform that allows you to call anywhere in the world. The ICTDialer software creates a better customer experience and improves contact center productivity without the high maintenance and capital costs associated with on-premise-based deployments.


Similar to Zoho Desk in terms of call center software, Bitrix24 is less well recognized in the industry. Additionally, call center features that meet the demands of internal, external, and inbound calling. Furthermore, Bitrix24 offers a website builder, a separate CRM, and tools for managing projects.

Bitrix’s free plan is a significant plus. The free plan can give you a decent sense of what to anticipate from the Bitrix interface while having a limited feature set. From there, you can decide more intelligently if bitrix’s contact center software is right for your company.


A Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) business called Nextiva specializes in cloud-based client communication.

It provides an integrated solution for all business apps and customer channels. With Nextiva, you can connect with more callers in less time and with fewer agents. It’s an accessible solution. IVR, call queuing, and other functionalities are available through Nextiva.

Additionally, you can streamline the caller’s experience by optimizing agent call flow and using virtual agents to automate conversations.


Zendesk, which is built on one of the most comprehensive customer care platforms, provides a call center solution for companies of all sizes. Agents may assist clients across all channels by utilizing Zendesk’s streamlined help desk capabilities with automatic ticket creation.


Speaking of Aircall, it can assist your support staff in transforming customer experiences.

Some of the top features we previously listed are present in this program, including IVR, cloud-based calling, call routing, and others. The software also claims capabilities including call whispering, skill-based routing, queue reminder, live call monitoring, and call queuing.

Managers can provide teammates advice in secret and have an immediate impact by using the call whispering feature. This is fantastic for both customer service and training needs.

Additionally, Aircall offers call center analytics so you can keep tabs on your agents’ efficiency both individually and collectively.

vi)Cloud Talk:

Innovative call center software called CloudTalk gives users access to a wide range of special functions. Its custom queue feature, for instance, enables support teams to specify how incoming calls will be distributed. With CloudTalk, incoming calls are forwarded to the agents most qualified to address the customer’s problem. Call transfers that can complicate the client experience are eliminated as a result.

Personalized voicemails are another feature that may be customized by using CloudTalk. Customers can leave voicemails for your team if they’re not available, and representatives will return them later. Customers won’t have to wait on hold for a long time for a member of your staff to respond in this fashion. Instead, they may just leave a message, continue working, and wait for your staff to get in touch with them after they’ve prepared a solution.


A cloud-based call center application is called LiveAgent. With sophisticated IVR systems, call routing, and unlimited call recordings, the program provides both outgoing and inbound call center capabilities. LiveAgent provides live chat, ticketing, greatest strengths, customer portal, and reporting features in addition to being a call center software.


Avaya is a cloud-based business communication service that enables improved team collaboration by automating business interactions. Users can access it on the move through several means, improving the customer experience. It provides unified communications, anticipates questions, and allows self-service to handle frequent queries. Other notable features include omnichannel communication with a single desktop, meetings and conferencing, AI assistance, and more.


Five9 powers the call centers of restaurants, retailers, and businesses that offer professional services. managing consumer interactions through voice, email, social media, SMS, video, and other channels. Consider using Five9’s virtual call center software if your company offers a variety of customer support channels.

The distinction between adequate and great customer service may be made by seamlessly integrating your call center software with the rest of your client experience. Additionally, Five9 provides other phone alternatives in case you need to grow internally or internationally. Although Five9’s bundles don’t have prices listed, all of them include free long-distance calling.

x)8×8 Contact Center:

Along with VoIP services, 8×8 contact center software offers a dedicated cloud contact center that includes omnichannel routing, analytics, and a variety of CRM integration options with SalesForce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk. Here, the emphasis is on creating a platform for increased productivity and efficiency rather than just offering a communications solution.

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