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Before we talk about the advantages of a managed virtual private server, we need to figure out what kind of hosting it is. From the name it is clear that the provider provides the client with a certain amount of disk space, completely limited from virtual neighbors and endowed with certain resources. In addition, the hoster takes over the server management – performs administration, and the settings necessary for the client. The Technical support service is responsible for updating the operating system, applications, and scripts, analyzing logs, and detecting errors. Also, the provider performs all the necessary manipulations for the safe operation of the virtual private server and can install special software for this. 

For the client, a managed VPS opens up opportunities for a trouble-free business or personal blog, because settings and monitoring are carried out by qualified specialists. As for the price of the service, it is higher than when renting an unmanaged server. However, the budget can be saved, since there is no need to maintain administrators and other hosting maintenance staff. 

What do you need to know about VPS hosting?

A virtual private server is called an intermediate option between virtual hosting and a dedicated physical server. Together with the allocated disk space, the user receives a guaranteed amount of resources that more active “neighbors” cannot use, as is often the case when renting shared hosting. And the site owner also gets the opportunity to choose some settings and configurations, that virtual shared hosting cannot provide. 

If we compare Ubuntu Virtual Private Server with a dedicated server, it is worth noting that the first option has a much lower price. And dedicated hosting will require a large number of specialists to maintain the hardware itself and downloaded programs. You can opt-out of this if you rent a powerful managed VPS hosting. It is enough to choose a suitable package so that the option fully satisfies the needs of any business with minimal investment. 

Who is suitable for managed VPS hosting?

A managed virtual private server is the best option for the following companies:

  • Digital agencies working around the clock, without days off and breaks. For them, technical support is important, which will work in the same mode. Therefore, a managed virtual server is the best option for them to ensure security, stability, and guaranteed performance. 
  • E-commerce sites should work smoothly. In addition, you should take into account the high traffic on such web resources. Choose a managed VPS to shift digital and technical tasks to the provider’s round-the-clock support service. And focus on solving business issues yourself. Otherwise, you and your team will have to forget about sleep and rest. 
  • Any sites with high traffic require a lot of resources. They will also find the optimal plan to work calmly and develop confidently, forgetting about technical failures. 

What else is VPS hosting good for?

In addition to the listed advantages over shared hosting and the above winning characteristics compared to a dedicated server, there are other advantages of a virtual private server. Let’s not be silent about them.     

  • The necessary resources – choose the package from the provider’s offers that will satisfy your needs as much as possible. Pricing plans differ in technical characteristics – RAM, CPU cores, and data storage volumes. Serious providers have several packages. 
  • Managed means the one that is managed. Giving preference to a managed virtual private server, you get a personal manager “in the kit”, ready to answer any of your profile questions. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you have difficulties. After all, round-the-clock technical support is included in your pricing plan. 
  • Scalability.  This is an important parameter, which in the case of shared hosting or a dedicated server will be much more difficult to obtain. If you don’t have enough resources, you can switch to a larger plan painlessly and even without stopping the site. And there is always an opportunity to return to smaller opportunities if the need arises. 
  • Guaranteed security. A reliable provider carefully monitors the operation of the physical server in order to take timely measures to eliminate breakdowns and counter threats. Special attention is paid to security. Therefore, each VPS of clients will be protected from hacker attacks. If the tenant considers that basic protection measures are not enough, he can ask the hoster to install additional protection.    
  • Renting a managed virtual private server, you don’t have to think about backup. It will be taken over by the provider. Backup is necessary in order not to lose valuable databases in case of failure and quickly restore the operation of the site. You can choose the optimal schedule for creating copies yourself – every 15 minutes or once an hour. 
  • Although the hosting is managed, it does not impose any additional restrictions. The tenant can also choose a control panel, and create their own server environment that will optimally meet the needs of the web resource. 

Managed hosts, as a rule, act more as business partners than as providers, since they are interested in the prompt solution of a variety of client tasks.  

How long does it take to connect to a managed virtual private server?

In the case of managed VPS hosting, the connection process is quite simple. Direct the domain to the hosting DNS, and tell the provider your wishes for the best control panel, software, and applications you need to work with. The hoster’s technical support service will take care of the rest. As practice shows, you can launch a website on a virtual private server in just a few hours. 

In conclusion

If your choice is a managed VPS, you can fully focus on business without being distracted by technical issues related to the operation of the site. Inform the hoster about your needs, and trust them. Moreover, if something does not go according to your plan, you can always switch to an unmanaged hosting option and take the reins into your own hands. 

However, think first. There are much more advantages than disadvantages in the transfer of management to specialists. Among them are security, performance monitoring, and disaster recovery. Are you ready to take it all on yourself? 

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