The popularity of online purchasing is rapidly expanding. When comparing general store and online sales, retail still retains the advantage, although internet buying is almost tied. 

If you have a small business and you do not have an online presence, you are missing out on a lot of additional revenue. It is time to change that and create your website.

The first step in the process of creating a business site is buying a domain name and a hosting plan. 

Let’s first take a look at the three main types of hosting, and later on, we will give you a few pointers on what to look for in a hosting plan.

Shared Hosting

You rent a set amount of space on a web server to share with other websites. You get your own resources, but the physical server is divided into many chunks. Hence the name shared hosting. These kinds of plans are ideal for new websites that will not get much traffic or utilize a lot of resources. Shared plans are the most affordable option when it comes to hosting. One of the best web hosting providers of this service is Verpex.

VPS Hosting

You may rent out your very own virtual server with VPS hosting services. This is far more expensive than a shared hosting plan and really only made for bigger websites with high traffic and resource demands. With VPS, you get a bundle of resources that will enhance the performance and speed of your website.

Dedicated Hosting

When you rent out a whole server that is just for you, you are using a dedicated hosting package. A dedicated server is entirely under your control, in contrast to a virtual private server (VPS), which theoretically still shares resources with other users but is more isolated than shared plans.

This is only necessary for large websites with huge traffic. Also, dedicated hosting is the most expensive option out of the three listed here.

Web Hosting terminology you need to know

Web hosting firms use a lot of jargon that is challenging for business owners to comprehend. Though their goal is to clearly describe services, they often have the opposite effect. All the terminology used might also be intimidating for someone who is just starting out in web hosting.

When you are looking for a hosting plan, you must comprehend the meaning of some of the fundamental phrases as well as how they will affect you. 


Your website’s uptime, which is often expressed as a percentage, is how frequently it will be accessible. If a web provider claims 99.9% uptime, that means there should only be 8.77 hours of outage each year, also known as downtime.

This is, without a doubt, the most crucial feature to look for in a web hosting provider as a small business. You cannot receive visitors or generate sales if your website is down. You should always aim for the highest uptime possible.


The quantity of data and traffic that may be sent between your website, visitors and the internet is known as bandwidth. You will want more bandwidth as your website receives more traffic and data.

The size of your website determines how important bandwidth is. Usually, there will be little traffic to a newly launched website. This indicates that you do not require a lot of bandwidth. But if your business is already well-known, you will need more bandwidth since you will probably have a solid number of visitors. 

Disk Space 

Your website’s web provider will allocate a certain quantity of storage space on a web server for your website. The more storage capacity you have, the higher your disk space.

Again, the type of website you run completely determines how important disk space is. You will not need much if you only have a few business pages with contact details and a few goods. 

Space will be a problem, though, if your website is very large or you use massive media assets like videos.


Hopefully, this article gave you an introduction to the world of hosting. The purpose was for you to get familiarized with the important lingo and to realize that although it may seem complicated, it is not. 

So, your next step is to start searching for additional resources that will give you an even better understanding, and once you are confident, go ahead and sign up for a plan.  

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