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A Surprisingly Complicated Question: To really understand whether or not aimbots are “cheats” requires understanding Russia. No, we’re not talking about Russian gamers, who can be prime adversaries but have garnered a reputation of being hilariously ridiculous during online multiplayer FPS battles. Sure, you want to understand those guys, but we’re talking about Russia as a country.

When the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own incompetence in 1990, for the next decade and a half, the mob ran Russia. Putin basically played the cultural zeitgeist card of the tsar and beat back the mafia heads by being more ruthless, strategic, and ultimately right for the position. He’s been the de facto Russian leader since Bush was in office.

However, from 1990 to about 2005, the place was a bureaucratic no man’s land. The mob was the government. There’s a hilarious first-person account of this from Burt Kreischer, a Not-Safe-For-Work comedian who tells a story about a heist on a Russian train (look up “I am the machine”). Here’s the point: for 15 years in Russia, the mob wasn’t illegal, it was the law.

If we characterize the mob as “cheating”, and the law as “playing the games with their intended rules”, a picture becomes more clear. Online gaming today, despite the gauche efforts of social media conglomerates, is still the wild wild west. Some people use cheats to breathe, and it has changed gaming. So where do aimbots fit in?

The Aimbot Conundrum

If you’re not aware, an aimbot is just what it sounds like: a sort of software designed to assure how you aim is automatically the best it could possibly be—you hit targets by pointing and clicking. With an aimbot, you’re going to get headshots like an avalanche. The thing is, people will figure out what you’re doing and boot you from the game—if they figure it out.

The thing is, cheats like this are so widespread right now they’ve sort of “mapped” another kind of game on top of traditional online multiplayer shooters. Now, many games like Fortnite have become how you are able to win as you manage varying cheats. Imagine if sports allowed and encouraged steroids during league games, and you start to get the picture.

Mobster presidents and steroid quarterbacks are like aimbot players in online multiplayer games. But the truth is, there’s no real way to stop such hacks from defining games, and even if there were, programmers would just figure out workarounds and dominate the map anyway. So what do you do; whine about it, or outplay the hackers at their own game?

For a lot of reasons, it’s smart to outplay them at their own game, and you can find all sorts of solutions in aimbots—or “extreme injectors”, as they’re called—across the web. For example, by visiting this website you will discover how an extreme injector can be used to maximize aim during online contests, multiplayer battles, or wherever you’d prefer to use the software.

To Aimbot Or Not To Aimbot?

Of course, the most “awesome” way to play the game is to win every match without even using cheats, even as you play against those who use cheats. But who has the time? People get tired of getting sniped at spawn points by Russians using aimbots from Saint Petersburg at two in the morning.

If you were trying to play the game without hacking and still have a chance, you’d want to spawn somewhere no one was looking. That may mean hacking the game, ironically. So you’d have to cheat in order to not cheat; and what sense does that make? Instead, learn to deal with the mob. Do they cheat? You cheat. And suddenly you’ve leveled the playing field.

At the end of the day, digital gaming—though becoming a sports category all its own—is not the same as traditional athletic contests. It’s a new breed and winning means something different than it did. Technological capabilities exponentially compound, facilitating increasingly complex gaming environments. However, just as you “learn” one environment, there’s a new one with a new gaming engine.

Suddenly the “old” environment is forgotten by moderators and the like, and it becomes a breeding ground for cheats. Meanwhile, the new environment is vulnerable. So hopefully no cheats are needed; but to enjoy gaming today, you kind of need to know how they work anyway. So is an aimbot useful tech or a ruthless cheat? It depends on who you’re playing with.

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