Portugal’s Golden Visa program has been craving popularity recently and has become one of the most famous and trendy investment programs in Europe and the world. By acquiring such a Portugal Golden Visa, a person can live in the EU region, work there and retire from that country by making lots of money in return. 

The program started in October 2012, and since then, every year, 11,000 applicants have been applying for a Portugal golden visa for UK citizens. Thus, if you are looking for any consultancy firm providing their services to those who want to acquire Portugal golden visa for the UK, contact the Pearl Lemon Visa.

Why Obtain the Portugal Golden Visa

A qualifying investment is required to acquire a Portugal Golden Visa ― usually in real estate or funds. The respective investment is made for five years. First, you need to make an application for a golden visa. 

Before that, consult a professional lawyer to check the documentation required by the Portugal Golden visa and can manage your investment in the program. It is the most sought-after investment program where a person can earn a considerable amount after using it proficiently. Thus, it provides affordable investment options for obtaining your residence permit. However, you have to fulfill one criterion: stay for even days every year after acquiring the Portugal golden visa. 

Another lucrative aspect of this visa is that you can stay and earn in any part of the EU nation and wander in any Schengen state. Portugal is a safe, secure country where people can live safely and an affordable country to sustain a high quality of life, superb climate, and education systems.

Golden Visa Investment Options to Become a Citizenship in the Portugal Country

To become qualified to accumulate the Portugal Golden Investment, you need to make the minimum investment, any one of them-

  • Buy a property, fund, or stock of at least €500,000. In the low-density area, your venture cost can be as low as €400,000.
  • People can also invest €350,000 in any Portugal property that falls under the urban regeneration area. For low-density areas, the investment cost will be €280,000. 
  • The person should invest a minimum €350,000 in the Portuguese Investment Fund under the Portuguese authority system of CMVM.
  • Move a minimum €1 million in a Portuguese bank account from your national bank account.
  • Invest in Portuguese stock exchange worth at least €1 million.
  • Invest a minimum €350,000 and build up a company. Boost up its share capital that can grow its sales and can provide a minimum of five full-time jobs.
  • It’s your responsibility to provide a minimum of ten job openings for Portuguese nationals.
  • Transferring a minimum €350,000 of capital is the most recommended investment in the Portuguese nation in technology or science by public research institutions.
  • Transfer at least €250,000 in the art domain of Portugal’s national heritage.

Family Members, You can Add in Portuguese Citizenship 

After acquiring permanent Portugal citizenship, you can add your wife, two children, your parents, and your spouse’s parents after one year of an extended stay. You must invest a certain amount leading up to this criterion and qualify for it.

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