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The advent of digital technologies in photography has helped us capture high-quality images and videos with a wide range of devices. However, the trivial pitfalls of technology can also land you up in frustrating scenarios where you might lose your precious photos and videos. A reliable photo recovery solution would be the obvious answer in these cases.

At the same time, it is also reasonable to wonder whether you can find trusted software that helps you recover images, audio, and motion formats. Will the software help you recover from any type of storage device? Stellar Photo Recovery software has all the answers to your problems regarding the recovery of deleted images and audio and video files. Let us dive deeper into what it has to offer and how it can help you in this post.

What is Stellar Photo Recovery?

As the name implies, Stellar Photo Recovery software is a useful tool for recovering your lost image files. In addition, it also supports the recovery of audio and a wide range of other media files across different formats. The software is popular for an easy-to-use interface, which helps in scanning recoverable media files on a specific storage device. Users can find a preview of the images and media files scanned by the software and select the ones they want to recover. In addition, it also allows users to save the scan information, which can help in recovering your files later at your convenience.

Special Highlights of Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar is practically more than what you would expect in photo recovery applications in terms of features. The significant features offered by Stellar prove its credibility as a tool for ensuring the recovery of your valuable photos, audio, and video files. Here is an outline of some of the notable highlights in the features of Stellar Recovery software.

  • Support for Multiple File Types

One of the foremost traits of the Stellar Photo Recovery software is the facility for recovering all types of files. You can recover photos, videos, and audio files in any known and unknown file formats. The software offers support for recovering deleted photos in different formats such as JPEG, BMP, JPG, PSD, GIF, PNG, HEIC, and many others.

In addition, you can also recover RAW image files supported on different cameras in formats such as CR2, K25, ERF, SR2, RAF, ORF, and others. The software also helps in restoring video clips in different formats like MOV, 3GP, AVI, MP4, MXF, WMV, and other file types.

  • Compatible with Multiple Storage Media

Another significant highlight in the features of Stellar Photo Recovery points to the support for file recovery from any storage media. It supports the recovery of deleted or lost videos, images, and audio files from different types of storage devices and cameras. You can recover your images and media files from smartphones, flash drives, SSD, HDD or USB drives, and memory cards.

The software also supports file recovery from mirrorless, drone, or action camera devices such as Phantom and GoPro. You would also find support for file recovery from popular camera brands such as Nikon, Samsung, Fuji, Sony, Pentax, Canon, Minolta, Sigma, and other new camera models. Interestingly, you could also use the Stellar recovery software for restoring files from VR, 4K, and 360 cameras.

  • Recover from Encrypted Drives

The photo recovery software also helps you restore the videos, audio, and image files from encrypted drives, partitions, or volumes. It helps in recovering files encrypted with tools like BitLocker. You can just enter the BitLocker password, and the software will start the recovery process from the encrypted drive. It is important to note that the Stellar recovery software supports all types of storage drive brands such as WD, Seagate, Samsung, HP, Lexar, Kingston, Lenovo, Toshiba, and many others.

  • Convenience in Recovery Process

Unlike any other recovery software, Stellar does not impose any specific time limit for recovering lost or deleted files. You can save the directory tree structure generated after the scanning process with the image recovery software. The saved file can help you regenerate the tree structure of the files or folders or resume recovery at later stages. You also have the flexibility to stop the scan at any instance and save the file information up to the specific instance.

  • Deep Scan Option

Users can find another significant feature in Stellar Photo Recovery software with the Deep Scan option. It helps you search for lost files according to the file signature. The Deep Scan feature is extremely helpful in situations when you cannot find your desired file in the quick scan results. The improved scanning engine helps you check a specific drive or location for faster and more accurate file recovery.

  • Flexibility for Recovering Unicode Files

The image recovery software also provides a unique feature in the facility of recovering Unicode files. As a result, it gives you an obvious advantage over other free photo recovery software solutions.

  • Multiple Previews of Scan Results

Users can have a preview of the scanned multimedia files in different formats. The formats include the File Type view, Deleted List view, and Tree view. The File Type view helps in grouping the files into the categories of audio, images, and video files. On the other hand, the Tree view helps in finding the media file location. The Deleted List view can help in viewing and restoring the deleted files only.

Do You Want to Recover Your Valuable Files?

If you lost your valuable photos, videos, or audio files in a system crash, you don’t have to panic. Stellar Photo Recovery software can come to your rescue with a wide range of features. The image recovery software helps in recovering photos and media files in different formats across a varied range of storage devices.

You can avail of different editions of the software for accessing advanced recovery and file repair features. On top of it, the easy-to-use interface and flexible view of the scanned files let you make the most of the tool. Learn more about the photo recovery software by Stellar, which recovers more than just images right now.

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