Internet Service Provider

Whether you use it to browse social media, stream your favorite shows and movies, or send important emails to your colleagues, none of these activities are possible without a robust internet connection. However you access the web without proper bandwidth and download speeds, your options are limited.

Your internet service provider is the bridge between you and your internet connections. They are responsible for providing the data you need to stream, browse, game, and download. But how do you know you’ve chosen the right provider? With so many Hamilton internet providers and companies across North America, the competition can feel overwhelming — these tips can help you choose a provider who truly cares about their customers.

Availability & Accessibility

Where you live and work can drastically affect the type of internet you’re able to access. If you live in a major city, you likely have more options than customers in rural towns. Now that doesn’t mean the internet isn’t available to those in smaller communities — it simply means you want to ensure you’re discussing your location and service needs with the representatives from each provider so that you know the level of availability and accessibility you can secure.

Your Preferred Connection

We don’t often realize that internet connections are not homogenous across the board. There are several options available for most customers. DSL internet is often the cheapest and most accessible, but cable internet is often faster — though it depends on how many users are accessing the internet simultaneously.

With several options at your disposal, it’s important to discuss these and other types of internet connections with potential service providers. They should be able to take you through their packages and the benefits of their specific internet style.


How secure your internet connection is can ultimately determine your risk level for malware and viruses. You need an internet service provider that can explain in detail how their services are protected from external threats — including their encryption practices.

Customer Support

Like anything you purchase, your customer service experience is likely one of the most significant factors in whether or not you continue to give that company your business. The same should be said for your internet provider.

When dealing with something technology-based, most customers don’t understand the nuances and the complex ins and outs of what it takes to set up an internet connection. They must be able to rely on a qualified customer service team to answer their questions and ensure they feel comfortable with their services.

When you lose your connection, or you’re faced with a buffering video, you should be able to reach a customer service representative in no time. You should be able to gauge the level of service you can expect as a long-term customer, even just from speaking to a representative as a potential customer. If they are personable and accommodating as a first impression, you can continue to explore their services and determine if their prices and internet availability match your needs.

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