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One of the most liberating experiences in your professional career is when you have finally bought something special for yourself. Some people reward themselves with luxurious and expensive materials to mark certain milestones. One of the most common personal gifts known to men is a luxury watch. Professionals often choose timepieces as a reward for themselves. 

Owning a luxury watch is a symbol of success, for some people. Since not everyone can purchase them, having one poses a hint of exclusivity. However, did you know that owning a luxury timepiece is a big responsibility? Since it is a gadget and jewelry combined, wearing and having them requires commitment and dedication. In this article, we will discuss the different ways on how you can take care of your luxury timepieces. These are vital to securing the longevity of your watches. 

Before purchasing your timepiece, make sure that you have enough knowledge about the manufacturer’s warranty. There are also instances that the store warranty is different from the manufacturer warranty. For example, if you purchase Nomos watches from TheWatchCompany.com, it comes with an in-house 1-year warranty where you can bring it for servicing to their accredited stores. On the other hand, if you purchase the item directly from the store, there may be a slight difference with its warranty coverage.

One of the main reasons why you should be aware of the warranty coverage is the services. You will know when you can bring in your watches for servicing or repair when it malfunctions. Of course, personally fixing your timepiece is not recommended. As much as possible, send it for repair to be handled by professionals.

  • Always clean your watch after use

One of the things that you can do, by yourself, to make sure that your timepiece will last longer is by cleaning them. Most avid watch collectors forgot the habit of cleaning their timepieces before storing them. Because of that, these timepieces may accumulate dust and dirt on the surface. This can later create a negative impact on the internal parts and gears of your timepiece.

After wearing your watch, it’s recommended to at least wipe it clean using a damp cloth. In that way, you can get rid of any dust or dirt that it acquired the entire day. You will not only preserve your timepiece’s mechanism but will also keep its brand-new look.

  • Do not use chemical cleaners

As much as possible, do not use chemicals when cleaning your timepiece. Water should be enough to wash away the dust. The only reason why most people use chemical cleaners is to make them more shiny and appealing. However, luxury timepieces are already made with shiny and stunning materials. All you need to do is to keep it clean regularly to ensure that its beauty will last for a long time.

  • Store in a nice drawer or close

If you are an avid watch collector, there is a high chance that you have already built a watch closet or drawer in your home. It is ideal to keep your timepieces in a pleasant environment. It will ensure that it is protected and will not be damaged. However, if you haven’t allocated a budget for a closet, using the box that came with the timepiece should be enough. These boxes are designed to protect and preserve the timepieces. Make sure to put the watch back in its original box when not in use.

  • Use the features correctly

Every luxury watch comes with a variety of features. However, some of them may sound similar but have different capacities. For instance, if you purchase a water-resistant timepiece, you also need to know the water-depth capacity of the watch. Some luxury watches are not meant for diving and may damage their mechanism. So, if you are going to use your watch’s features, make sure that you will use it correctly.

  • Study the material’s capacity

Another aspect that you need to check is the materials. Every luxury watch is made with different materials. While they are expected to last for more than a lifetime, some of them have capacities as well. For instance, if you are going on an outdoor adventure, it’s ideal to wear leather or rubber straps on your watch. If you happen to have metal watches, they are prone to scratches and damages. However, there are metal materials that are prone to extreme exposure. The key is to know more about the durability and sturdiness of its materials to ensure its capacity.

  • Avoid exposure to magnets

It is no secret that timepieces are made with small gears that are enclosed in their back case. These small materials are made with metals that are susceptible to magnets. It is one of the reasons why it’s important to keep the watches away from any magnetic elements. Exposing them to these elements can create a great impact on its performance.

  • Keep the watch ticking

Not all luxury watches are battery-powered. If you own a couple of items, you may discover that some are mechanical or automatic. Before you buy timepieces like these, you need to make sure that you have enough knowledge on how to maintain them. For instance, a mechanical watch needs to be wound often to ensure its optimum performance. Automatic timepieces, on the other hand, rely on the kinetic energy transmitted from the wearer. Hence, it has to be worn all the time. To ensure that your timepieces will not get stuck, make sure to wound and wear them as recommended.

  • Read the manual when needed

At the end of the day, the fine prints play an important role. There’s a reason why manufacturers continue to include this in the packaging. These manuals contain information that will help you get started with wearing and taking care of the watch. While these prints are tedious to read, it’s still important to at least use this as a reference.


It’s very important to maintain your timepieces in good condition. The fact that these luxury watches are made with high-quality materials means that it requires ample care. Make sure that you will take care of your timepiece to make it last for more than a lifetime.

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