Not only has COVID-19 forced many nonprofits to take their fundraising efforts to the Internet, but it has also impacted how people donate. People are significantly more comfortable giving to nonprofits online nowadays. Your nonprofit can take advantage of this trend to try some online fundraising ideas. 

But remember to use the right tools, like Sumac donor database software in order to optimize your donor relations. With this software, you can reach more donors and earn more considerable donations with less effort. It’s also convenient when you have donor tracking, online fundraising, email marketing, and donation campaigns all in one place to enhance your workflow and maximize your influence.  

Let’s look at some easy but effective online fundraising ideas:

#1 Social Media Awareness Campaign

Run an awareness campaign on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram to promote your nonprofit and your mission. Any well-crafted campaign has the potential to go viral. For example, an animal rescue nonprofit can share success stories. Remember to link your website, donation pages, and social media pages to your campaign efforts. 

#2 Online Challenge

Fun online challenges on social media are an excellent way to raise awareness about your organization’s mission. For instance, the ALS ice bucket challenge helped raise enough donations to increase research by nearly 200 percent! Again, ensure that your movement links back to your donation pages, website, and social media pages. 

#3 Email Marketing

While newer and flashier ways to communicate exist, email still remains an excellent medium for donation campaigns. Carefully craft your email with an effective subject line, text, and pictures to catch a reader’s attention. End your emails with a call to action and a link to your donation page. 

#4 Online Workshop 

You, your staff, or your volunteers can offer online workshops to share skills. You can either offer the class for free or charge a ticket fee. Either way, end the class with a talk about your nonprofit and a donation appeal. 

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#5 Movie Night

Host a virtual movie night to watch a film with your donors and munch on snacks. Again, end the movie night with information about your nonprofit’s mission and an appeal for funds. 

#6 Virtual Tour 

Post virtual tour videos to engage with potential donors. You can create a virtual tour featuring your office, community, volunteers, beneficiaries, or board members. The virtual tour should highlight the importance of the work you’re doing. It should also explain how contributions help your nonprofit meet its goals. 

#7 Online Comedy Show

Partner with charitable comedians who are interested in contributing to your nonprofit for a virtual comedy show. You can raise money by selling tickets. 

Remember to ask your talent to highlight your nonprofit at the end of the show. 

#8 Online Auction

Online auctions are an excellent way to raise money. Check with local businesses for items they may wish to donate to your auction. You can also ask your staff to offer services such as cooking classes or services for the auction. 

Before running any online campaign, please ensure that your computer hardware, devices, lighting, and Internet connection are in ideal condition. Likewise, ensure that your website is running and optimized to receive donations. 

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