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Life has become a lot easier due to technology today. From entertainment to employment, it is more convenient to both work and study with the use of technology. One thing that has been rendered simpler due to the spread of technology is the language learning process.

These days, there are a lot of tricks that you can use with technology to get the knack of a new language relatively fast. A lot of these creative ways to learn help you in identifying foreign words through their counterparts in your native language.

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In addition, there are a lot of simple ways through which you can use technology to learn a new language. Eight easy ways to use technology to aid with language learning are discussed in this article. 

Here is How Technology Can Boost Your Language Learning

  1. Change the language of your device.

One of the easiest ways to learn a new language using your phone or laptop is to change the device’s language in its settings. This helps you understand many foreign words and their meaning without a dictionary. This may also urge you to get a better grasp of the language. Changing your device’s language also helps in sentence formulation, and you get a better understanding of grammar and word usage. 

2. Tweak the language in your social media handles.

Another way that your device can come in handy when learning a new language is to change your social media language. This is amongst the best ways to use technology to learn a new language. Having your social media in a different language is going to boost your language understanding. It will also assist you in grasping the difference between slang words and phrases and the formal way of stating something in that language. You will also be able to identify new foreign words easier.

3. Use online tools to learn new words.

The Internet has a plethora of free and aid resources that one can use on their linguistic journey. Many modern digital tools are designed to help in understanding the language better, practice your grammar, as well as build vocabulary. Here you can read about some of the most helpful modern tools and apps to use in learning a new language. 

4. Use social media to talk to native speakers.

You can use technology to connect to people across the world. This way, you can converse with them in their language and develop a good working understanding of the language. Interacting and speaking to the native population is one of the best ways to gain knowledge of a particular language without school or books. 

5. Watch YouTube videos. 

Much like math tutorials and other such content, videos on YouTube coach you through various stages of learning a language. There is a lot of content in many languages for you to choose from. Watching these videos is like taking online lessons, and with their help, you will slowly gain more understanding of a particular language. 

6. Watch TV series of that language.

Watching content in a different language helps in sentence formulation, in-context learning, and getting familiar with conversing in a foreign language. Using technology, you can gain access to different shows in different languages. Having both audio and subtitles on helps you identify words, learn their pronunciation and spelling. This also helps in understanding grammar and gives you a basic understanding of the culture and the correct usage of different words. 

7. Take online language quizzes.

The best way to check your understanding of a subject is to take a quiz on the internet. Technology gives you access to a multitude of different tests on the internet. These tests are interactive, and there are varying ones for different levels of language proficiency. If you’re learning a new language, this can enable you to monitor your progress. In addition, having technology makes it easier to find quizzes and study plans that are level-based, which can help you understand your extent of knowledge. 

Speaking of which, if you see that your current knowledge is not going to be enough for the completion of a certain task, school, or work project, you can always turn to a good language translation service and ask for their help and guidance. Due to technology, specialists like these are always at your fingertips!

8. Play games in a different language.

Technology gives you direct access to millions of online games. There are various games available in different languages. Playing games helps you speak the language and understand it better. You can also turn on subtitles and make your learning even more comprehensive. As a result, you’ll have a firmer grasp of the information as well as associated culture.


These are the eight killer ways to use technology to learn a new language. These hacks are all free and easy to follow. They help incorporate the new language into your routine, so you don’t have to make special time to learn the language. Having it is a significant part of your routine helps you pick the language up much quicker. Clearly, technology can make it very easy to learn a language without breaking a sweat!

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