Escape from Tarkov

Just like any online game, the best part of Escape from Tarkov is feeling powerful. That means having a tonne of items. The catch with Escape from Tarkov is that those items are lost all too often as when you die, they spill out onto the ground.

But more impactful than a death is a wipe. This can be both incredible and exciting for players.

Today we’re going to look into 8 ways of getting back on your feet after a wipe.

What is a Wipe?

Wipes typically occur once every six to ten months and are a moment where every player is essentially sent back to square one. These wipes see your character reset, meaning that on wipe day everyone in the game is put on a level playing field.

This is exciting for noobs and veterans alike, as it introduces frenzy into the f95zone game as players quickly try to take the upper hand and gear up once again.

Don’t worry, a wipe won’t be dropped on you with no notice. Generally, Battlestate Games typically gives a short heads up before the event. Often only a single day in advance, but this still gives you the chance to spend all your accumulated cash before the wipe.


Quests will be your highest priority, as these are by far the fastest way of reliably earning experience. Quests will also bolster your player with Trader rep and a steady income of new money and items to help grow your strength.

Farm Keys and Keybars

Getting your hands on keys early can make a huge difference, especially in putting you ahead of newer players who don’t know the true importance of keys or where to find them. Thus, while questing it’s important to keep your eye out for key spots. Better yet, you want to get your hands on a Keybar to help store all your keys without taking up that precious inventory space. The best way to get your hands on EFT keys early is to buy them of course!

Avoid Hatchet Running

Although it may seem logical to run around with a hatchet in order to save splashing out on low-level items, this tactic is likely to get you nowhere. As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. So get your hands on some good weapons early, along with a good pack, and you’ll be ready to rake in the XP and cash.

Do Scav Runs

Scavenger runs sound like a challenge, especially to new players, as they sound like high-level raids which are usually exclusively for high-leveled players. However, facing scav runs early can equip you with a mass of rewards early on, putting you ahead of the competition. 

Go Dark with Night Raids

Like Scav runs, night raids offer a great way to level up fast while making it out with a tonne of loot. However, compared to their daytime counterparts, night raids can be supplemented by night maps which reduce the vision of scavs n the area, making it far easier to get through.

Bolster your hideout.

You can do a lot with your hideout, from earning experience and bonuses to working towards building a bitcoin farm. Working on your hideout early can help to get your hideout ahead of others, ensuring that you can get a good passive income stream sooner than the vast majority of players.

Luck Scav Junkboxes

Getting your hands on these boxes allows you to stash away items in order to save them for a later date. This is especially invaluable when you find yourself stumbling across late-game quest items such as graphics cards or flash drives, as you certainly don’t want to be lugging them around in your backpack for extended periods of time. 

Maximize your look at getting yourself a junk box.

Redeem New Year’s gifts

While this won’t apply to every player out there, if you are eligible, it’s worth redeeming New Year’s gifts if you can as these provide you with an item case, money case and more which you can use or sell for profit. To do this simply choose your in-game character and then log in via Tarkov’s official website and select “receive additional equipment”. 

It’s no secret that Escapes from Tarkov is a difficult game. But with a little bit of foresight, planning, and experience after a wipe, you can quickly find yourself in the top echelon of players. This is the true joy of the game’s wipe mechanic, as by leveling the player base anyone can get ahead.

Be sure to keep these tips when the next wipe comes around and you may just find yourself on top. And don’t forget, if you ever need a EFT Power Leveling.

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