There are always new artists out there to discover. While top 40 pop music collections that radio stations love to play are always an easy go-to, there is something special about discovering artists that you have never really given the time of day to before—or even knew of! 

For example, the newest generation of music lovers has probably never been exposed to the most iconic mary j blige songs. But if they knew about them and where to find them, they would likely instantly fall in love with her timeless style and she, in turn, would get a whole new generation of fans out of it!

Over the last two years especially we have seen a whole new scene of musicians take the center stage. The world needed some serious uplifting and this was certainly the way to do it—by making music that got the world excited again.

But it can often feel a bit overwhelming to figure out what artist you should listen to next. How do you even find them? Especially if you do not want to simply follow the mainstream trends? 

This is where we come in to help. We have rounded up the top music artists that you have to listen to now because we know you will get so excited about them, fall in love with them, and have their songs on repeat for months to come.

1. Nap Eyes

This Canadian band has this super unique vibe to them. Their music is full of sunshine and hope, with the indie-style beats making each track as uplifting as the next. And a fun fact, the group also practices tai chi on a daily so it is no wonder why their music can bring such peace. Their most recent album—Snapshot of a Beginner—is one that you should spend the afternoon getting fully immersed into. 

2. Son Little

Blossoming from the music capital of the world—Los Angeles—Son Little is probably the coolest new artist to hit the music scene. Each song seems as effortless as the next and offers some extremely easy listening. Their Aloha album was actually written in under a week and every instrument that you hear in the background is actually played by Son Little himself. You will adore the soulful tunes and the upbeat vibes you get from listening to this cool new artist.

3. Hala

Indie music is not going anywhere. And if you are wanting to listen to an artist who is already changing the indie scene, then you should start jamming out to Hala. This Detroit-based artist has so much energy on every single track that it will be near impossible to not want to dance along all day long. If you are ever in need of a pick-me-up, listen to Hala. You will instantly bust out into a dance party—even if you are solo.

4. Black Midi

On the other side of the pond hails Black Midi, a UK-based rock band who have taken both London and the rest of the world by storm. They got their start right before the pandemic and provide a great outlet for anyone needing to just belt it out and get rid of their excess energy. They are especially fun to listen to while in the car with the volume on high.

5. Jenny Hval

More and more artists keep breaking into the scene from Scandanavia. And the same seems to be for this artist that you need to listen to right now. Jenny Hval hails from Norway and offers some alternative beats that have gone viral during the last two years. In fact, she did a bit of a parody during the start of the pandemic, dropping songs titled “The Practice of Quarantine” and “Love in the Age of Corona”.

6. Kevin Krauter

Who says people from the mid-west can’t write the ultimate hits? Kevin Krauter is a boy from Indiana who has dropped the most dreamy album full of pop songs that speak to sexuality, memories, and other topics that are important to society today. While the topics are serious, the actual tracks themselves are so airy and carefree that thinking about serious topics has never felt so easy.

7. Caroline Rose

This girl has taken the pop world by storm thanks to her song Superstar. She sings of all those fairytale fantasies that people think actually exist in Hollywood, with the songs on her album revealing the actual truth about what it is like in getting money, power, and the fame many musicians seek out so vigorously. Her upbeat tunes will also make you want to listen on repeat for years to come.


These seven artists are really just the start of incredible artists who deserve your attention and time. Who will you listen to first?

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