Secure Data

As an organization’s leader knows, securing data is critical. Issues with data can affect your company’s operations and reputation. They can also lead to legal liabilities.

1. Cloud Migration

One of the best ways to secure data is to start migrating to the cloud. Moving to a data center with state-of-the-art facilities and security can help protect your data. However, your data can be vulnerable without the right support and strategies. Industry experts recommend that companies consult with a trusted IT solutions provider before making a leap to the cloud. 

2. Surge Protection

In a digital world, your data faces multiple risks. While cybercriminals are the obvious threat, data also faces risks due to hardware failure, with power outages doubling over the last two decades across the United States due to a changing climate. 

Frequent power outages and voltage surges can damage your hardware and your data. If your company exists in a locality that’s experiencing power instability, invest in surge protection technology to shield your computers and your servers. Additionally, you can invest in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units to keep your hardware running. For more serious concerns, an emergency generator or an additional utility line may suffice. 

3. Regular Backups

Back up your data regularly to quickly recover from a threat. It’s a good idea to make frequent online backups on the cloud and periodic offline backups on air-gapped systems. Such systems aren’t connected to the Internet and are less likely to suffer from a malware threat like a ransomware attack. 

4. Internal Security

Threat actors such as rogue employees can engage in corporate espionage and put your data at risk. Ensure that your systems only allow access on a need-to-know basis. Consider installing keyloggers (with full disclosure) on company systems to identify reflags.  

5. Anti-Malware Technology

Malware like spyware, Trojans, and ransomware can put your data at risk. Protect your systems by using proactive anti-malware technology. Software that can roll back changes from a ransomware attack will help your company recover more quickly. 

6. Supply Chain Security

Some threat actors are going after the weakest link in a company’s supply chain to threaten their data. For example, they may breach a vendor’s systems with malware, or they may drop a rootkit in software at the development stage. 

As the SolarWinds attack proved, even powerful government organizations can be vulnerable to supply chain attacks. That’s why you should conduct thorough background checks before partnering with new suppliers. Even if they have no malicious intent, they could prove to be a threat vector because of inadequate security protocols. 

7. Employee Training 

An alarming number of data breaches are occurring due to employee errors. Threat actors are targeting them with social engineering attacks like phishing, spear-phishing, pretexting, and more. These attacks trick employees into sharing passwords or downloading malware that jeopardizes sensitive data. 

Employee training can help your staff learn how to identify and stop social engineering attacks. You can also back your staff up with endpoint security tools that defend laptops and devices from cybersecurity dangers.   

These are seven tips that can help your company secure sensitive data. With so many possible threat vectors, taking a holistic approach to data security is vital. 

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