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When it comes to buying an inverter battery, people often get confused about which one to buy. One of the reasons is that there’s a wide range of options available in the market and selecting the best inverter battery for home can sometimes be very daunting. We recommend that one should start with selecting a brand first and then move on to comparing the batteries that the company has to offer. One such brand that people trust, and is one of the most reputable names in the power solutions space is Luminous India. And in this post, we give tell you why Luminous India is one of the best inverter battery brands in the country. Read on.

  1. Their batteries have a fast charging rate

If you live in an area where there are long and frequent power cuts, you might have experienced a scenario wherein your inverter battery didn’t have enough charge to power your house during a second consecutive power cut. That’s because there wasn’t enough time between two consecutive powercuts and as a result your battery wasn’t fully charged after the first power cut. Luminous batteries have a fast charging rate which means you don’t have to worry if there’s a small time gap between two power cuts.

2. Their batteries require minimal maintenance

Just like your air conditioner, air purifier, car, or any other machine, inverter batteries, too, need periodic maintenance. But considering our busy schedules, many of us often forget to get our battery serviced at the right time. This can lead to sudden battery breakdown or failure leaving you and your family without any power backup. Luminous inverter batteries are a good alternative as they are having low maintenance requirements. They require fewer water top-ups and services as compared to regular inverter batteries.

3. Their batteries have minimal spillage risk

One of the major concerns with lead-acid batteries is that they run the risk of liquid or residue spillage which might not just harm your battery but might also harm other components of your home inverter.  Similarly, a bad inverter battery poses the risk of emitting fumes and poisonous gases. Luminous batteries, on the other hand, come with a rugged container & specially designed vent plugs that not just minimizes the spillage risk but also stay unaffected by any such issue.

4. Their batteries offer consistent performance and have a longer lifespan

Luminous batteries are durable and last longer than most batteries available on the market. The best thing about Luminous inverter batteries is that, unlike other batteries that deteriorate easily, in terms of performance, with time, the Luminous batteries offer mostly consistent performance over time

5. Their batteries are recyclable

As you would know inverter batteries contain toxic substances that are harmful to our environment. These substances are not only harmful to the environment but can also lead to a fire in case the batteries are left in the open. The good thing about Luminous inverter batteries is that they are fully recyclable and you can even return these batteries to authorized dealers / designated collection centers and registered recyclers appointed by Luminous.

Last But Not Least

By now you would know why Luminous India s one of the best inverter battery brands in India. But one thing that you still don’t know is the fact that Luminous offers quality inverter batteries at highly competitive rates. No matter what your budget, you will find a battery that will fit yours. 

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