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The most engaging technological tools push learning to new heights. They allow students to be creative and actively participate in their learning. There are several tools available to make the process more enjoyable for kids, whether they are working on a research article, a presentation, a scientific project, or a math assignment. These tools are crucial because they keep the students interested and engaged. Keeping these objectives in mind, we selected the five finest digital solutions for student involvement.

5 Technology Tools for Increasing Student Engagement in the Classroom

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is the ideal tool for building an online community. It’s a fun tool for gamifying the classroom and has a lot of features we like. Students can create their avatars and earn or lose points depending on classroom conduct, debate strategies, and build valuable skills in the process. Teachers may also use Class Dojo to take attendance and generate graphs that break down their data. This tool will motivate students to uphold class principles and give vital metrics to assist educators in adjusting their teaching approaches accordingly. This might be useful when drafting essays, but you could buy custom essays online if you don’t have the time – you can rest easy knowing the quality will be excellent.


Because so many kids are used to multitasking, teaching them how to organize and streamline their tasks is an excellent idea. Trello is a visually appealing, entertaining, and user-friendly tool that lets you organize, manage, and monitor your work. It is a free and straightforward application that students can use to generate workflow charts. Multiple students may be added to the same board, which is fantastic for project collaboration.

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Storybird is an online social storytelling tool. With it, students take on the role of authors, matching their writings with licensed imagery from the site. Some of the most beautiful classroom moments occur when kids develop, tell a story, and share it. With Storybird students can write text using the app’s selected collection in their picture books and illustrated assignments. This is almost as easy as finding essay writing companies for your projects — you get the best quality for a reasonable price. Storybird also has a 7-day free trial, but most functions need a paid membership for both teachers and students other than reading stories. You can also set up a paid classroom account that supports a fixed number of students dependent on their payment if you’re a teacher.

Students can read existing tales or write their own after registering up or checking in using teacher-provided credentials. When students are ready, there are three options: picture book, long-form, and poetry. To begin, students select the format they want, then search Storybird’s art library for pictures that complement their text. After students select the art, the editor appears, allowing them to determine which illustrations to use, add text, and generate as many pages as they require to complete their novel. Students may save and publish tales from the editor, as well as collaborate on stores.


Kahoot is a valuable tool that allows students to design in-class surveys and quizzes. This is useful for gathering data for graphing tasks and research essays. Kahoot has been around since 2013, and the reason for it is simple – Kahoot is a lot of fun for pupils. You design (or select from pre-existing) games and students play them on their own devices. Kahoot is accessible with a variety of devices and offers a game-like atmosphere that will keep kids engaged while performing class assignments. However, if you prefer the help of professionals, you might want to consider these essay writer websites for your projects instead of digital aid.

If time is a problem for creating your quizzes, you may find millions of public Kahoots to use. Kahoot allows you to present scenario questions/prompts with numerous options, stimulating discourse from the findings beyond memorizing information. You can also insert slides between questions to offer more material. There’s also the option for quiz templates, making it incredibly simple to create an intelligent learning experience that does more than just test recollection.


Gimkit Live may be used to introduce or revisit ideas during any lesson. Gimkit Live’s gaming is fast-paced and exciting, but it’s more like flashcards when used for individual practice. It’s simple to get started: look for question sets generated by other users and make changes to them for your usage. You could also import existing question sets from other flashcard systems or a spreadsheet into Gimkit Live. It can be very engaging and help spark student discussion – much like some of these online tools


Learning is getting increasingly personalized as a result of education technology, which accommodates diverse students’ learning styles. This is likely to make students more engaged, independent in the classroom, and capable of taking greater responsibility for their learning. Modern solutions are also great at equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to be good workers, skilled in thinking critically, working collaboratively, and adapting to an ever-changing global world. With technological advancements, teachers will increasingly likely employ education technology to eliminate routine labor and allow for noteworthier attention on critical, engaging activities — a win-win situation for everybody involved.

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