Did you know that according to research, 93% of your wholesale customers prefer to buy online? In today’s B2B marketplace, customers need an easy, intuitive way to place orders and manage their accounts. Online, 24/7 – as they used to do in their everyday consumer experience. Ecommerce development services by Elogic can give more information. 

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And if you cannot meet these requirements, your competitors will be more successful.


  • Control.

The client can manage the accounts of their companies and set up several levels of access for employees with specific roles and permissions.

  • Tracking quotes.

You can track quotes, view detailed order history, and manage your credits online.

  • Saving company resources.

Calls to the manager are minimized, and you save company resources.

Personal settings

  • Basic settings.

Customize catalogs, pricing, and payment options for specific customers or customer groups.

  •   Content.

Create content in a personalized way based on the needs of your target audience.

Centralization of orders

  • Order management.

Manage orders from all sales channels in a single system.

  • Order statuses.

Provide customers with real-time order statuses.

  • Automated business processes.

Create automated business processes (rules) that will help optimize the work with all orders and deliveries according to the desired algorithm.

Convenient product search

  • Fast order picking for the client.

Provide the client with the ability to quickly collect an order: enter the SKU of the desired product, upload CSV files, generate a list of past orders, etc.

  • Providing customer assistance.

Your managers can help clients: simply and quickly create orders on their behalf; manage prices and payment options.

Access from any device 24/7

  • Optimization for any device.

Customers want to get things done on the go when they are comfortable. Optimize your B2B portal for any device.

  • The ability to place an order at any time.

Increase your sales by allowing your customer to place orders at any time, without being limited by time zones and the opening hours of your office.

Easy management and integration

  • Integration with internal systems.

Easy integration with your back-end systems via robust API.

  • Ready-made extensions for fast implementation.
  • e-Commerce project on Magento 2.

Realize your business vision with rich functionality, simple settings, and seamless integrations with your current systems (BPM, ERP, SAP, TNS, LNS) on the Magento 2 platform.

Flexibility in working with content

  • Dynamic content display.

Increase growth speeds by dynamically presenting content, advertisements, plus pricing for particular clients based on features such as place, gender, purchase records, record property price, and more.

  • Design tools.

Use powerful tools for designing, editing, and testing content that do not limit creativity and do not require developer support.

  • Site change management.

Increase productivity by executing all position changes through the time bar. Automatically extend updates at the listed time for more prominent performance without the involvement of IT specialists.

  • Integrated Elasticsearch technology.

Work with big files and quickly compare your search experience as your questions begin with combined Elasticsearch technology.

Growth without borders

  •   Support for local currency, payment methods, and languages.

Manage multiple international sites with support for local currency, payment methods and languages to quickly set up and launch a new site in global markets. All in one back-end.

  • AWS Data Center.

Leverage the power of deploying your production environment in any AWS (Amazon Web Services) data center.

  • Built-in sensitive surfaces.

Quickly build websites optimized for any project using built-in sensitive skins.

  • Ability to produce a B2B portal.

Work with your wholesalers in a new way: Create a B2B portal so clients can apply self-service devices. Boost reliability, cut costs, and improve traffic.

Simple data handling

  • Business intelligence tools.
  • Project plan for an e-commerce website.
  • Analyze Magento data, and measure your marketing ROI, retention rates, conversion rates, and more.
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