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If you spend most of your time with computers, dealing with infuriating glitches may become your second nature. Some established companies like Apple have made it easier to fix these bugs and get things working in a simplified manner.

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These bugs range from minor disturbances to mythical calamities that many users will never encounter. Below are the ten most common tech bugs and ways to fix them.

Startup issue

Sometimes your Mac may fail to boot properly, and you find yourself staring at the white screen of death. This is the time you need to boot in Safe Mode. In this mode, your macOS will boot with the minimum software, and the available drivers will check your startup disk and then repair any of the directory issues that will be found as they might be the real cause of the start-up failures.

No internet connection

At times your computer may freak out and can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network when all other devices around can connect to the internet with ease. One of the best ways to deal with this bug is to forget the network first and connect it again if you are operating with a Mac. You can also minimize the number of torrent downloading programs running in the background.

Spinning beach ball

If you happen to see the spinning beach ball often and it’s something that never used to happen to your computer, you need to investigate the cause of such slow down. If you are using Mac, you can open Activity Monitor and see the impact of the apps you are currently running on your system resources. You can make use of this Activity Monitor to switch off or quit any application that’s using a bigger share than its share.

Unresponsive app

Sometimes one of your apps may occasionally trip up your computer and hang. And when this happens, it freezes all applications, and there is nothing you can do with your computer, including even quitting the process. Using Mac, you can easily call up the Force Quit menu from the Apple icon by hitting Command-Option-Escape. After highlighting the misbehaving app, hit the Force Quit button.

Incompatible login items

When starting your Mac, some apps start automatically. Sometimes you might find yourself staring at a bluescreen when trying to start up the Mac. This may mean that one of your startup items is incompatible with macOS. To fix this bug, login items go to System Preferences, Users, and groups and click on Login Items. Next, highlight the app and click”- “for it to be removed.

Kernel panic

When the operating system of the PC, especially a Mac, crashes, it bows out with a message,” You need to restart your computer.” It’s rare for this tech bug to happen on many computers, but when it happens, it’s fixed by restarting your machine. If it fails, try as much as possible to unplug all add-ons and restart it again. This bug can be triggered by internal upgrades not limited to dodgy RAM or a corrupted system.

An application playing up

Sometimes you may find that one of the applications on your computer is not running as recommended due to corrupted preferences. For applications to work smoothly, each of them is supposed to have their preference files containing configuration data. However, because they are often read and written on, they become susceptible to getting corrupted. When this happens to your Mac, you can easily reset your preferences and have the app working.

Failure to eject a disc

Sometimes you may want to change the CD you were using, or you probably need to insert a new one, but even after hitting the Eject button, nothing happens. If this happens to your Mac, try holding the button down longer. Maybe a slight delay has been added to stop you from ejecting the discs accidentally. Then tap the Option key to hurry up the process.

Full hard disk

Running out of space might be a common tech bug, especially for computers for many applications that require large storage space. This might manifest itself through programs failing to run as required or your computer becoming too slow in its operations. This can be fixed by deleting unwanted files or transferring them to an external hard disk and running them from there.

Flash drive not reading

unplugging your memory drive without ejecting it or without following the correct procedure may leave it in an inaccessible state, and some computers have a habit of killing memory sticks. If this type of bug happens to you, you will need to erase your memory drive and reformat it. Make use of MS-DOS, which works with both Macs and PCs.


Different tech bugs might interfere with the working of your computer systems depending on how effectively you use them. These bugs can be fixed in different ways, as explained above.

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