Vshare iOS 9.4 Download And Install On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

vShare for iOS 9.4 : vShare for iOS is an app that literally has the whole store for free, no matter whether it is paid, premium or free. vShare for iOS 9.4 has the whole market where you can download anything you want using vShare iOS 9.4.

vShare for iOS 9.4 allows you to test & try the apps before you purchase the full version. Not just try but also allows you to keep them for free in case you like it. Here we help you to download vShare for iOS 9.4 for any iOS device no matter if it is vShare for iPad or vShare for iPhone. It can be vShare for iPhone 5S or 5SE or 6S or any version.

download and install vshare ios 9.4

Talking about vShare iOS 9.4, it’s easily one of the best app in the same kind which provides unlimited features for free cost. This might get interested because it allows iPad, iPhone and iPod users to install apps that are not there in the iTunes because there are many we are missing out. After the installous app was removed from the market, vShare gained the market and attracted many users.

PS : Installous was a freeware which did the same role of vShare.

How To Download vShare iOS 9.4  – The vShare For iOS 9.4 Can Be Installed In Two Ways :

Yes, as you know we can install vshare or other apps in two ways. One is by Jailbreaking  the iOS device and other one is by not jailbreaking the device. Here, we provided the both ways to download and install vShare iOS 9.4 On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS devices.

Install vShare On iOS 9.4 By Jailbroken way :

Here’s what you have to do to install vShare on iOS 9.4 by Jailbreaking method:

  • Go to Cydia.
  • Click on Manage > Sources > Edit
  • Enter the url of the file which you have to download. Here it is : http://repo.appvv.com

open cydia and add source repo repo.appvv.com to install vshare ios 9.4

  • Once the repo is added, search for “Appsync” and download the latest version.\
  • Once done, search for vShare iOS 9.4 and install it.

Install vShare On iOS 9.4 By Non-Jailbroken Method :

  • Open any browser on iOS.
  • Search for vShare iOS 9.4 or type vshare.com in the search bar.
  • Once you go to the website, you can see two options which asks you to choose between Jailbroken and non
  • jailbroken devices. As we are explaining the steps for non-jailbroken devices, choose the non-jailbroken devices.
  • Download vShare iOS 9.4 by clicking on the Non-Jailbroken
  • Once you click on it, there will be a pop up which would say “ssl-api-appvv.com would like to install vShare” , click on Install.
  • Once you download, find the downloaded app and install it, there will be a message/prompt which would say “vShare is an untrusted app” when you tap on the installed vShare for iOS 9.4. There will be two options – Trust and don’t trust.
  • Click on trust.

That’s all!
If you like to know more about the app, read more below.

Best features of vShare iOS 9.4 :

You might think whats so cool and interesting about this app. This is one of a kind app which doesn’t have much alternatives. There might be users who might be scared of jailbreaking since jailbreaking voids the warranty. But still, vShare iOS 9.4 has both the versions, the jailbroken one and the non-jailbroken one. 

  • No alternative, direct download.
  • Share the downloaded apps via Wi-Fi.
  • Use paid apps for free in iOS.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Install apps by searching in the search bar.



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