Visio For Mac 2016 Download Free| The Best Alternatives To Visio For Mac 2016

Visio For Mac 2016 : Microsoft Visio is an important tool used by professionals for designing various documents for their projects. Microsoft Viso is widely used by most of the business officials in the industry to fulfill all their requirements. But, this has created a problem for the MAC users. Even in Office 2016 you cannot find the Microsoft Visio for MAC operating system. In such a case people usually search the Visio for MAC alternatives. But not everyone is successful in finding the same. So we are here for you to present the best alternative of Visio for MAC. Please read all the features and guidelines about Visio for MAC given below.

visio for mac 2016


So let us stat with the list of best Visio alternatives for MAC. As we know that Microsoft Visio is not available for the MAC user, they can look at some alternatives like Lucidchart, Omnigraffle Pro and ConceptDraw Pro. All of these application software have almost all the functionalities offered by the Microsoft Visio. In fact, some of these have additional unique features for designing diagrams in Visio for MAC alternatives. We will share all the utilities offered by the Visio for mac in this article and also help you choose one from the couple which we have mentioned.

LucidChart For MAC – Best Alternative For Visio For Mac 2016:

The major advantage of using LucidChart for MAC is that the software runs in the browser and hence it offers wide range if flexibility in terms of use. For the matter of fact, you can even use the LucidChart in your Windows desktop as well. Now you might be thinking that since the software runs on browser, does it needs an active internet connection? The answer is yes, but it has also made a provision so that you can work on your project offline as well. You can download the Google Chrome plugin for LucidChart so that you can work with it even without internet connection. Also the LucidChart is completely integrated with the apps like Google Docs and Google Drive so that you can easily save your projects dynamically.

lucidchart for mac best alternative for visio for mac download free

Now let us move a step further. LucisCharter also support multiple access on a single project. Yes, just like Google Docs, a team of people can simultaneously work on LucidCharter and share the work with an ease. If you have a Microsoft Visio file which you want to edit in your MAC, then LucidCharter will do this as well for you. Hence, you can edit and import Visio files and work on it using this software. However, to avail this feature you will have to buy the premium version of LucidChart. You can simply select “File” option and under it select “Import Diagram” to import an existing visio project.

The LucidChart application is loaded with lot of different templates which are usually used in the industry. It also includes various types of shapes and figures in the stencils for creating different types of diagrams in it. In addition to it, you can also import other templates if you have them with you. But again, these are some of the features which belong to the premium version of LucidChart. So, you will have to buy the premium version to avail these features in LucidChart. The user interface is also very good. One can simply drag and drop the stuffs required in the drawing chart of the software. It is not so difficult to use LucidChart. All the features can be easily accessed from the homepage itself. You can even download the LucidChart mobile app to fetch more support.

Now talking about the price, which plays an important role for the user. The Team version of the LucidChart will charge you $20/month and the one with single user $8.95/month. If you just want to access the basic features of LucidChart, then you can also opt for the basic pack which will cost you merely $4.95/month. Though the price might seem high but the utilities of the software are unmatchable. You can hence, give thoughts about trying it out and get yourself an alternative of Visio for MAC. Enjoy!



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