Download Tutu App For iPhone & iPad | Install TutuApp On iOS 10/9.4/9.3.2 Devices

Tutu App Download: There exists an endless range of third party applications that let you enjoy paid applications for free. You can find million that suits your requirements but the problem is to make a wise choice because some of them are functional while others are promotional.

Vshare is one such amazing beloved and trusted application that lets you enjoy applications at your ease that too without spending a single buck. Another application that follows the traces of Vshare app is Tutuapp. It is loaded with same features and proffers almost similar functionalities to that of Vshare.

Tutu app name has been changed to Tutu helper now. Tutu Helper is available for both Android and iOS Operating Systems. Download Tutuapp now for your devices to download paid apps for free.

Tutuapp works amazingly to let you download and enjoy paid games and apps for free. But where there is happiness, you ought to find a tint of sadness. One of the most saddening features of tutu app is that its website is confined to the Chinese language. Though services like Google translator can be used to overcome this problem but still the fact is that translating some of its part is still beyond their capacity and as a result even after translating some of the part is retained in the foreign language only. Also know how to download tutu apk for android.

Fascinating Features Of Tutu App For iPhone:

  1. It can be downloaded freely without even spending a single buck on any of your ios devices.
  2. It has exclusive version for jail broken and non jail broken devices. Thus it aims to satisfy the needs of both sorts of users
  3. It lets you install apps and games easily that too for free
  4. Its user interface is quite easy. Almost everyone can understand and use it.
  5. It is over brimming with well designed features and characteristics
  6. One of the most startling fact about it is that it owns an inbuilt cleaner which can automatically clean any garbage or cache files in the device’s storage
  7. It also lets you access and manage other apps in your devices like calendar, or contacts or battery.

Procedure For Installing Tutu App For iOS 10/9.4/9.3.2 Install Without Jailbreak | Download TUTUAPP For iPhone:

Since the legitimate site for installing tutu app is in Chinese (as already mentioned earlier), you might face some problems but these steps will help you to install tutu app in your ios devices easily despite this problem.

  1. The first and the foremost step is to open safari in your browsers. Use of safari is recommended because sometimes these apps break the installation files and leads into erroneous conclusions
  1. After you have opened safari, type http://www.tutuapp.com into the address bar to go to the official site of tutu app

enter tutuapp.com in the safari browser to install tutu app in iphone ios ipad

  1. Now just wait a bit till the site gets loaded. You might face some difficulties while loading it. If you browser fails to load the site then simply clear your history and cache and then give it a shot. I am pretty sure that this time you will succeed.
  1. After the previous step you will encounter a pop up prompting you to open this application in the app store. Make store you do not press on open. You will have to select cancel as your option

do not open this tutu app in the app store, press cancel to continue

  1. Once you are done with closing that pop up, you will immediately get to spot a blue bar on the home screen itself. It will ask you whether the file is to be downloaded or not. Simply choose the install option by tapping your fingers on it.

click on the green button which is showing install , press on it to install tutu app on iphone

  1. Now the application will get installed on your devices. Now simply you need to bank upon the application profile of the newly installed tutu app.

To do that, move to the device settings, then go to general and you can get and look for profiles over there. All you need to follow is settings – general – profile

  1. You will be able to spot a profile with regard to tutu app. Just tap on it and then tap on trust option to trust the application.

Trus iphne distribution xin lian information technology co ltd apps on this iphone - click on trust to install tutu app on your iphone

  1. Now proceed to your home screen and try to open the tutu app from there. The application functions in the Chinese language but don’t worry where words don’t work images does. You can easily find your desired applications with the help of their icons.

So this was all about installing tutu app. You just need to follow these easy as a-b-c steps to get tutuapp in your ios devices. Install it and have a happy time with all your desired free apps and games!



  1. It just sends me to a page that say that the severs Dna address couldn’t be found

  2. In ios 10 you cant trust the app anymore does somebody know what to do

  3. Mine is in Chinese or Japanese, I try find Final Fantsy or Grand Theft Auto, nothing pops up… How to fix???

  4. I press a game that i want happens to be having a logo of appstore and instatnly redirect me to chinese appstore and could not load the game or sometimes redirect me to the game to be bought

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