Best Cydia Sources / Repos For iOS 9.3/9.2/9.1/8.4| Download 2016 Top Cydia Repos iPhone 6/6s/5/5s

Top Cydia Sources /Repos: Having an iOS device gives you immense power. You get unmatched level of features in your smartphone. But, you can push the boundary by jailbreaking your iOS 9. It was a long wait for iOS 9 users who were waiting a stable version of iOS 9 jailbreak.

It was only after the Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak release that the users finally got relief. Now, it is time to leverage all the benefits of iOS 9 jailbreak. In order to get interesting apps and stuffs after jailbreaking, you need to hop on to some of the best cydia sources. So we are here to list out the top cydia sourced for you, which you can visit for best iOS 9 stuff.

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Top And Best iOS 9.3/9.2/9.2 Cydia Sources/Repos 2016:

best cydia sources repos download for ios 10 9.3 9.2


1.Big Boss Repo Sources On Cydia|Add Big Boss Repo Sources On Cydia iOS 9.3/9.2/8.4:

Big Boss Repo is one of the most popular cydia repositories. Many apps are added here regularly. So, every time your visit Big Boss Repo, you will have something new to hover your eyes on. Moreover, you’re sure to get some fun tweaks on Big Boss Repo.

add big boss cydia repo on cydia iphone - best cydia sources 2016

2.CP Digital Darkroom Repo –  Cydia Sources /Repos 2016:

The CP Digital Darkroom Repo is well known for offering apps which make out the best from the multitasking capabilities of your iOS device. For example, there is a Medusa tweak in the Repo which activates the picture in picture and split view mode in your iPhone/iPad which by default in not found in it. If your iOS device supports 3D touch then you should surely check out CP Digital Darkroom Repo as it has many interesting tweaks for the same.

3.Ryan Petrich’s Repo  –  Cydia Sources/Repos 2016:

Apparently for anyone who have long been associated with iOS & jailbreaking as the developer has been working since long to offer some of the most stable tweaks for iOS. Hence, you can be rest assured that you will find really mind boggling stuff on the Ryan Petrich’s Repo. You will also find the new activator builds on Ryan Petrich’s Repo first than any other cydia source.

4.xSellize Repo –  Cydia Sources/Repos 2016:

Yet again a good cydia source, xSellize Repo is a preferred place to hangout for most of the users with jailbroken iOS device. You can find some apps like AirBlue Sharing 7 to enhance the Bluetooth sharing, Activators to trigger some of the cool embedded features of your iPhone and other generic apps like AdBlocker, AppSync, iFile, etc.

5.iCleaner Pro Repo –  Cydia Sources/Repos 2016:

The iCleaner Pro Repo is powered by the popular developer Ivano Bilenchi. Here the users are classified into two sub categories, stable and beta which is usually for the most active jailbreakers. You can find most of the common and popular iOS 9 tweaks on the iCleaner Pro Repo and stable iOS 9 jailbreak apps as well.

6.Karen’s Pineapple Repo-  Cydia Sources/Repos 2016:

Karen is actually a female developer who is an eminent developer in the community. She has her own repository named Karen’s Pineapple Repo. Here you will find a large variety of utilities which are more specific and might not be need by a normal user. Some of the most popular tweaks by Karen are SafariSaver, Ineffective Power and AppSync Unified. This cydia source deserves a mention and you ought to visit it once.

7.iMokhles Repo-  Cydia Sources/Repos 2016:

Ever since the 3D touch technology rolled out in the market, this repository have been very active in developing tweak associated with it. If you really want to treasure the 3D touch technology of your iOS device, then you must visit iMokhles Repo.

So with this we come to an end in our list of the best cydia sources for iOS 9. However, apart from those listed above there are many other cydia sources as well like ModMyi Repo, iPhoneCake.com Repo, etc but we have listed the ones which we found most useful and productive. I hope you will have a good time browsing some quality tweaks on these cydia sources. Enjoy


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