Top Best Apple Watch Apps&Games- Fitness&Sleeptracking Apps For Apple Watch iOS2 2016

Best Apple Watch Apps : Apple iWatch had created a kind of havoc among the Apple fans when the product was launched. The smart wearable gadget was the talk of the town because of its productivity. But in order to use the Apple iWatch in an efficient way, one needs to install the right apps which can help in bringing out the best of Apple iWatch. So we are here to present you some of the best Apple iWatch apps which you can look forward to. Maybe these apps won’t excite everyone, but they are sure useful if used properly. So let us head to the list of best Apple iWatch apps.

Top Best Apple Watch Apps & Games- Fitness & Sleep Tracking Apps For Apple Watch iOS2 2016:

1.Fantastical 2 – Best Apple Watch Apps For Schedule Events 2016:

You can plan all your day using this Fantastical 2 app for Apple iWatch. You can add all the event you have scheduled and command the iWatch to remind you the same. You can even dictate everything verbally and the Fantastically 2 with the help of iWatch technology will save everything and follow your orders punctually.

Fantastical 2 apple watch apps

2.Sleep++ – Best Sleep Tracking App For Apple Watch 2016:

Ever wanted to analyse how much rest you actually get when you’re asleep at night? This app called Sleep++ will collect all the relevant data regarding your sleep. In the morning when you wake up, the Sleep++ apps will show you the results which will contain the type of sleep which you were into like a deep sleep or light sleep. It will even make not of the amount of time for which you got significant rest and the time for which you were restless.

Sleep++ apple watch apps 2016


3.Lose It – Best Fitness App For Apple Watch 2016:

If you are one of those who’s running the race to lose some weight, then you gotta have this Lose It app in your Apple iWatch. The app facilitates setting various kinds of goals and eventually reminds you about the same. You can also calculate the amount of calories intake you’ve undergone upon inputting required parameters. Moreover, it also keeps the track of your walking and running activity to track your health.

4.iTranslate – Best Translate App For Apple Watch 2016:

If you find yourself one day at a place where you fail to understand the language people converse in, you can use the iTranslate of Apple iWatch which will right away translate every word for you. Moreover, it can also detect the language the people might be speaking by tracking your location. Isn’t that wonderful? Also it supports time travel and will update the words if you listen to them in after a few hours by converting Good Morning to Good Evening.

5.Fitstar Yoga

If you are an avid follower of Yoga or wish to start doing it, you should surely have the Fitstar Yoga app in your Apple iWatch. The app provides simple and elgant guidelines to follow through videos. One can easily learn yoga by using the Fitstar Yoga app and having it in the Apple iWatch will be more effective. You can also start and stop your session when you are using the app for Yoga. It also takes care about the calories burnt and other metrics.

6.Walkmeter GPS Pedometer

This is the app which can help you track all your daily walking and running activities, Based on it, the app will also calculate the amount of calories you’ve burned and distance you’ve travelled. The data presented by the app is very informative and you will be amazed to see the results after using the Walkmeter GPS Pedometer.

So these are the best Apple Watch apps which one should have. There are many other Apple iWatch apps which are useful for everyone according to their need. But these were the ones which can be broadly useful for most of the people. If there are other Apple iWatch apps which you use, we would like to know about it. Enjoy!


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