Remix OS 2.0 Download For PC| Install Remix OS 2.0 On MAC&Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC Laptops

Remix OS 2.0: It is very obvious that we enjoy the interface in our smartphone more than that in our windows desktops. So what if it becomes possible to experience this android user interface in your windows desktops and laptops? Yes, with the help of Remix OS it is possible to inherit the android interface in your windows system. Don’t be mistaken that Remix OS 2.0 will be like some generic android emulator. Remix OS 2.0 is a fully fledged user experience which one would like to have in their windows systems. We are here to help you download Remix OS and install it easily with the help of our guide.

The Remix OS has recently created a buzz on the internet as it has brought something new with it. Hence, the users are curious to try it out and use something new in their systems. However, not many of them are completely aware of how to download and install Remix OS 2.0 on windows and Mac. For the same purpose, we have written a simple guide below which will demonstrate each and every step one needs to perform for getting the Remix OS installed in one’s windows or Mac system. You can even make a bootable USB drive of Remix OS using which you can install Remix OS 2.0 very easily on different systems.

Below we are given the complete step by step process to download Remix OS For PC. Follow the below steps to download and Install Remix OS 2.0 On Windows 10/8.1/8/7 computers and Remix OS 2.0 download for Mac Laptops.

remix os 2.0 download and install on pc mac windows 10 8 7 laptops

How To Install Remix OS 2.0 On PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Laptops&Computers|Download Remix OS 2.0 For PC Mac:

  1. Download Remix OS 2.0 & USB Installer

Ofcourse, the first step is to download the Remix OS 2.0. But apart from it, you will also have to download the USB installer as we will straight away make a bootable USB for Remix OS and install the same using it. Below is the link from where you can download the Remix OS 2.0 and USB installer using a normal download manager or any torrent client.

Download Remix OS & USB Installer Here

  1. Configure the USB drive

In order to make the USB compatible for installing Remix OS 2.0, you need to format the USB drive. Once, you’re done formatting it, you have to change the USB drive format to FAT32. This step is very important as if you miss this, you will not be able to install Remix OS 2.0.

  1. Start Remix OS USB Tool

If you paid attention while downloading Remix OS 2.0, you would have noticed that along with Remix OS you have also downloaded the Remix OS USB tool. Now you’re supposed to start that Remix OS USB tool. Let me tell you that this tool will basically map the Remix OS 2.0 into your USB and make it bootable. So when you start the tool, you will have to select the destination where the ISO file will be installed. You have to browse and select your USB.

Remember, you have to browse and select the ISO file from the destination where you have downloaded it. And just below it you have to select the drive in which you want to install the Remix OS. I again repeat that select your USB drive here.

Once you.re done you can select “OK” and all the work will be taken forward by the Remix OS USB tool. The tool will start to copy and install the files in your USB. All you need to do is wait.

  1. Reboot your system

Make sure that you have your USB plugged in while you’re restarting your system.  Now I would recommend you to search on Google for the boot keys for your particular system as they normally differ from laptop to laptop and desktop to desktop. Now when you start the system and press the boot keys, the boot menu will appear. You will be able to see your USB drive in the list of bootable devices. Select you USB device in which we have just installed Remix OS 2.0.

  1. Select the mode of installation

In case you just want to try out and not save the OS on your system you can proceed with Guest Mode. In this the OS will vanish when you next reboot the system. Otherwise, if you have tested the Remix OS and want to install it permanently, then you can opt for resident mode.

Now will follow the generic cycle of instructions like selecting language and agreeing to terms and conditions. You can simply move forward and start the installation. All you need to do now is wait till the Remix OS 2.0 gets installed in your system.

How To Install Remix OS 2.0 On Mac Pc/Laptop| Remix OS 2.0 For PC:

remix os 2.0 on mac laptop-download remix os 2.0 on mac and windows

Follow all the step above till downloading Remix OS 2.0 and USB Installer. Once you download the Remix OS form the link we have mentioned above, you need to convert he iSO file to IMG file. This is because only IMG files are compatible with Mac.

Open the termianal and write the code given below.

hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o Desktop/RemixISO.img


Once ther processing is done, the terminal will give you a .img.dmg file which you have to rename to .img file. Now again you have to format the USB drive which we will make bootable and make its format as MS-DOS (FAT).

So now we are all set to install the Remix OS 2.0  in USB. Open your terminal and write the code below.

diskutil list

You will get the list of USB disks plugged into your system and you just need to jot down the number of your USB disk. Now just replace “X” with the number you have noted down in the code below and put it in the terminal.

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX sudo dd if=Desktop/RemixISO.img of=/dev/rdiskX bs=1m diskutil eject /dev/diskX

Now just turn off the Mac and hold down the option key to boot the system. Now you will see two options for booting. You have to select windows and then continue. Now the system will boot with the installation of Remix OS. Now again you have to select one of the modes from Guest Mode and Resident mode.

However in case of Resident mode you have to perform one additional step. After you select the Resident mode, you have to enter the code given below.

quiet SRC= DATA= DATA_IN_MEM=1 DPI=265 UVESA_MODE=2880×1800


That’s pretty much. Now you will see those similar options of selecting language and agreeing the terms. Once you’re completed with the whole process, you will have the Remix OS 2.0 installed in your Mac. I hope you were able to follow all the steps for installing Remix OS properly. Enjoy.



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