Download Pokemon Go For PC On Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & Mac Laptop |Get More Pokeballs In Pokemon Go

Pokemon go for pc is one of the apps that have made the world fall for it that too super crazily. The fun that it bestows is more addictive than the most addictive drug ever. And the best part is that it has its fans in each and every part of the world. It seems like people are separated by geographical barriers and united by love for Pokemon go for pc.

Technicalities involved behind pokemon go for pc

This app blends the virtual real monsters world into the real world and lets you experience awesomeness that you did never before! It lets you wander around and catch those cute cuddly Pokemon. What this app does is it basically uses the Gps and clock on your systems to identify where you are and at what time, then it makes you able to see a Pokemon over there, catch it with the help of a pokeball and add it to your Pokemon squad. You can use GBA4iOS to install Pokemon games on iPhone.

pokemon go for pc download on mac windows computer

What is so special about Pokemon go for pc:

Here are the features of Pokemon go for pc that will cajole you completely with their charm:

  • It is hypothesized over low cost and highly efficient Bluetooth technology. This is the same rationale behind you being notified about Pokemon nearby
  • It lets you have fun that too for free. You need not make your pockets feel lighter to play this game. All you will get is a light life with relieved stress and a happy heart after playing this game
  • Notifications are coupled with led flashes and minuscule vibrations
  • A wearable device known as Pokemon go plus is also available to be bought with this app. The main idea behind this device is to let you play this game without using your systems. Because all you need to do is wear this device, you will be notified about Pokemon nearby with the aid of a vibration and then you will be able to catch that Pokemon by pressing the button present on the device. You can do all this that too without e en looking at you phones or pcs.

Some exciting things that you will encounter in Pokemon go for pc

Here are some cute exciting things that you will face while using the Pokemon go for pc app:

  • Story of tiny footprints

You will see a little Pokemon shape box in the bottom right corner. On opening that you will get to see tiny footprints over there. One footprint indicates that you are about to meet a Pokemon, two footsteps mean that your lovely Pokemon is a little away from you and three footsteps would mean that you will have to get a little far to gotta catch ‘em all!

  • Upcoming features

Features like adding friends, playing and trading with them etc are expected to come though as of now there is no such declarations about it. Neither such features are available to be used as of now.

  • Pokestop modules

You can purchase these poke stop modules and can exert a pull on pokemons to  come to you at poke stops for about half an hour or so.

  • Getting poke alls without moving

You can use Gps spoofing apps to deceive Pokemon go for pc and your devices to assume that you are physically present at far off places and then they’d make Pokemon to be caught appear in front of you. Where as you could be there in your soft cosy beds lying and having all the fun at your ease.

How To Get Pokemon Go Game For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & On Mac Laptop:

Although Pokemon go is available for android and ios devices and it’s not legitimately available for pc but it can still be used for pc. Yes you heard me right! Pokemon go for pc can be installed on pc using android emulators. Want to see how? Just go through the following easy steps:

  1. Download any android emulator as per your choice. I will write this process with the help of bluestacks android emulator. Although the process remains very much same for other emulators too. So simply download the emulator and open it.

download pokemon go for pc using bluestack android emulator


  1. Open play store by clicking on its icon and search for pokemon go. Download and install it once you find it.

use playstore in bluestacks to download pokemon go for pc on windows 10 8 7 and mac


  1. As soon as you are done with installing the app then you may go back to the main home screen and open it by clicking on the icon of Pokemon go. Then you can play and create your own amazing Pokemon squad.

play pokemon go on pc windows and mac - download pokemon go for pc


So this was all about Pokemon go for pc and installing Pokemon go for pc. So swiftly grab your devices and get this flummoxing app installed in your devices. Unleash that creative master in you and rule the Pokemon world with your wonderful pokemons.


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