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Pokemesh for iPhone: Pokemon Go became popular crazily just right after launching into all over the world. Most Players are seeking another way to catch Pokemon without walking here and there. App developers already sensed it and made few apps for you.

PokeNotify: It will send you a notification whenever you are close to Pokemon.

Pokevision: It will show you map to catch nearby Pokemon. Another one is PokeRadar which presents a crowdsourced map.

But unfortunately, all previous apps have flaws. You can’t set a scale to look for Pokemon in PokeNotify. It may send you a notification even if you’re one kilometer away. Other apps discontinued, removed or ceased to exist. Besides, it violates Pokemon Go’s terms and conditions. You can use Pokealert appp to see the real time locations of Pokemons near your locations. You can use Guopan to play pokemon without moving.

pokemesh realtime map for iphone - download pokemesh for iphone

I want to tell you something before you download Pokemesh For iPhone and  use Pokemesh app. It asks for login information. So, there is a good chance of getting banned permanently.

Niantic doesn’t allow too many third party applications and if they found out that you are disrupting rules, you won’t get away with it certainly.

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Download Pokemesh For iPohne | Know How To Use Pokemesh App:

Open Pokemesh. It will track your location and display nearby Pokemon, Pokestop and Gym.

 open pokemesh app on iphone then it will show the nearest pokestops and gyms using your locations - download pokemesh for iphone

As you can see from the above image, it’s showing Pokemon, Gym and Pokestop. If you are getting notifications from Gyms and Pokestop frequently, turn it off. You will find it under settings menu.

if you don't want to see the pokestops then off the pokestops option

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You can tap on Pokemon to get that particular address like below picture. Just click on ‘take me there’ and follow the path. It will access Google map and show you distance and time interval as well.

pokemesh for iphone - use pokemesh and click on take me there to catch some cool pokemons

You can verify it from Pokemon Go ‘sightings’ app if you want to see.

use pokemon go sightings app to verify it

Now, Head over there and catch your Pokemon. Don’t forget your Pokeball. LOL!

Go to settings and turn on notifications to see nearby Pokemon even if you close the app.  Would you like to overlook a specific Pokemon from your map or notifications?

If your answer is yes, browse Pokemesh’s Pokemon list and click on it from the results. You can disable this Pokemon from notification or map.

Pokemesh look around your environment and find out next Pokemon. It has an astounding overlay feature to display Pokemon when you are in Google Maps.

Attention: Pokemesh isn’t officially available on iOS yet. It’s now available for Android user only. That’s why I am providing you top 3 alternatives of Pokemesh. Don’t worry. You can download these three apps on both Android and iOS from their official website.

Best Pokemesh Alternatives For iPhone| Alternatives Of Pokemesh iPhone App:

Pokelive: Pokelive lets you do  a quick search to find out nearby Pokemon location. Also, it has a clean, simple and easy to use UI. Go to pokemonlive.io to download on your smartphone.

Pokeradar: Pokeradar is primarily focused on map to catch Pokemon. You can download it for both by visiting at pokemonradargo.com.

Pokesensor: Pokesensor scans nearby location. You can adjust scan area and time.  Also, it has many more features which you can explore on the official site. Visit pokesensor.org to find more info about it.

Final Thoughts On Pokemash App For iPhone:

What do you think about Pokemesh app? I have tried to gather every bit of information from the web to make it worthy. Hopefully you learnt all about this app. If you have any questions or doubts regarding Pokemesh, let us know without any hesitation. Lastly, it will very helpful if you take a second to share this article with your friends. Keep gaming.



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