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Download OneBox HD: OneBox HD is an app to stream and download movies and TV shows on your Android device. Over the last few years, we have witnessed the change in the user’s viewing habits. Today, more people wish to have the content available online. They do not like to completely rely on the traditional Cable TV. This is what we call cord-cutting.

One Box HD APK is a great way to get access to your favorite content for free. Yes! It is totally free of cost. While services like Netflix ask you for a monthly subscription, OneBox offers you everything for free.

OneBox has a pretty large collection of top quality content. It is also known for being a lightweight and stable application for Android mobiles. In this article, we will learn how to install OneBox on Android. OneBox HD is the best alternative for Megabox HD, Showbox, and Cinemabox.

downlod onebox hd apk for android

How To Install OneBox HD Apk On Android:

Google Play Store is great but we must live with the fact that it does not feature all the amazing apps. It has some video streaming apps but they are not always enough. This is why we need the apps like OneBox HD for our Android devices.

So, you must have guessed this app is not on Play Store. But, that’s not a problem for us. We will learn how to side-load it using the One Box HD for Android.

In order to side-load the OneBox HD app, we will need its APK file. While some side-loading methods require you to root your Android, the one we are going to take you through in this article does not put any such demands.

Rooting is risky and could turn your phone into a brick. Here is the quick and easy method to get OneBox HD APK and the app on your Android device:

Installation Process Of OneBox HD Apk On Android:

  1. Okay, so you might have already figured the preliminary step in this method is to download One Box HD APK on the Android device. We don’t want you looking on the web for this file as you may land on a malicious website.
  2. Just download the OneBox HD Apk latest version on your device. You can also download the file One Box APK on your computer and then transfer it to Android using the USB data cable.
  3. When the One Box HD APK download is finished, just navigate to the folder on the device where it is saved. Android devices by default have either the ‘Explorer’ or ‘File Manager’ folder to look through the directory structure. Go to the APK folder and if the file is not there you will find it in the Downloads folder.
  4. Tap the file once to run it
  5. Now the device will ask you for your permission as we have downloaded One Box HD APK for Android from an external source outside of Google Play Store. Depending on the Android version and the manufacturer, the dialogue box may have ‘Okay’, ‘Install’, ‘Allow’ or any other such button.
  6. What you simply need to do is tap the button that will ensure the installation proceeds. If you have an older Android version then you may not see such a prompt. In this case, you will need to go to Settings >> Security and then turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ to allow third-party APK installation

enable unknoun sources in android to install onebox hd apk on android

This should be it! In a very quick time, you must have the OneBox app installed on the device through the OneBox APK. Now all you need to do is open the app and start enjoying the awesome content it has.

onebox hd movies on android


OneBox HD is a fine app to watch the latest movies and shows on your Android smartphone or tablet. Although it is not available on Play Store, you can easily side-load it using the One Box APK. In fact, if you need to install this app on your PC using an emulator you can use the same OneBox HD APK for PC.


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