How to Fix ‘Mobile Network Not Available’ Error On Samsung Galaxy And Blackberry Android phones

Mobile Network not available Error: As the technology has evolved with time phones, have also become complicated. In the very starting, we had a basic device which was used just for making calls and nowadays, we’ve devices on which we can do almost anything. These devices are prone to errors because they are not as perfect as the human body as they work on a software based system. Leaving aside all the other errors we’ll discuss here a crucial error which is often seen on mobile phones, ‘Mobile Network Not Available.”

Here is a detailed guide on how you can fix Mobile Network not available error all by yourself on your Samsung and Blackberry mobile device.Before proceeding with the actual steps of fixing this error here are the reasons why this turns up most of the time on your phone’s screen:

  1. SIM card is improperly placed. Sometimes we accidently drop our phones this might disturb the alignment of the SIM card in the SIM slot.
  2. Carrier issues or network issues giving a bad signal reception.
  3. While in roaming you need to cross check whether you’ve selected the Data Roaming to ON or not.
  4. Hardware issues: might be the antenna system of the device has been damaged.
  5. Software issues: sometimes the firmware versions have several bugs which might interfere with the signal reception.

Fix ‘ Mobile Network Not Available ’ Error On Samsung Galaxy And Blackberry Android phones

How to Fix ” Mobile Network Not Available ” on your Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry phone:

We’ll go one by one by taking the causes into consideration.

1.SIM card placement

Turn off your Phone. Remove the battery and carefully remove the SIM card from the SIM slot. Then reinstall the SIM card and the battery and power it ON. In most cases where the SIM card alignment has been disturbed, this fix is likely to get rid of this error.

2.Carrier Issues or Network Issues

We can do almost nothing in this regard, but we can always move to a new carrier. Or we can find a spot in our place where there is more signal density thereby giving enough opportunity to the phone to receive the signals. Come out of the basement and look for any signal changes on your phone.

3.Change some settings under Mobile Network

  • While roaming make sure that you check the ‘Mobile Data roaming’ option so that you can get the benefits of your carrier’s data, voice and messaging services.
  • Go to ‘search for networks’ and select ‘automatically’ this will choose the best network carrier for you automatically.
  • You can also select the carrier manually by going to ‘Search for network’ and then choose the network which was told by your carrier to select when you don’t have reception on your phone.

4.Check Airplane mode

Sometimes we forget that we’ve activated the Airplane mode accidently and keep on wondering why the phone is not having any reception. Re-check the Airplane mode settings and disable it.

5.Software Issues

  • In some phones there is an option by which you can reset the ‘Network Settings’ and your phone will restart. Sometimes this helps if your phone has no reception because of any software-based problem.
  • Try checking for any new updates for your phone; these updates have bug fixes which in turn will enhance the signal reception of your phone.
  • The last option is performing a factory reset on your phone. Please note that you’ll lose all your data so be sure to make a backup before going ahead with this step.

6.Using the Android Hidden Testing Menu

Dial *#*#4636#*#* from any Android phone and you’ll be able to see a Testing Menu. You need to tap on ‘Phone Information’ and scroll down and turn off the radio after choosing ‘GSM AUTO PRL’ from the list and restart your phone.

7.Hardware Issues

  • Sometimes the SIM card slot gets damaged because of vigorous removal and insertion of the SIM card in the SIM card slot. This might also happen if you have the tendency to drop your phone a lot.
  • Dropping phone often leads to breaking or damage in the antenna system of your phone which also might hamper the signal reception.
  • You must take your phone to the nearest Authorised Service Centre to get it fixed

I hope you fixed the  ‘ Mobile Network Not Available ’ Error On Samsung Galaxy And Blackberry Android phones by following above information provided by us. If you face any issues in following the above procedures, plz do comment below we reach with a proper solution for you.


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